Choosing a bike training plan: sweet spot or triathlon-specific-plan?

Hello Everybody
Looking for a base-phase-training-plan for half distance triathlon (just bike training plan, not swim/run plan), would you recommed:

  • Sweet Spot Base
  • or Half Distance Triathlon Base

I’m in winter now so went for sweet spot base. Variety spice of life. Will do triathlon specific in spring

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Either can work well but a lot depends on your background and goals.

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I’ve tried both with varying degrees of success ( largely due to life stuff).
I get tired of deleting the run and swim portions for workouts of my own when all i want is the tri cycle plan.
@Nate_Pearson I would love to use the TR tri plan for the bike portion only. A radial button or something to include or exclude the other sports as an option before it populates to the calendar would be great. Until then, I will continue to delete when my season and tri specific training starts back up.


This is on the list but hasn’t been done yet.