Different type of massages

Anyone ever got a sports massage? What’s the difference between a sports massage, a swedish massage, therapeutic massage, etc? Wondering if any of them are worth it.

I’m no expert… but i go for a sports massage once a month…
Swedish and therapeutic and relaxing, soft massages and a sports massage/deep tissue massage is not. Lots of use of elbows, thumbs and lots of pressure. Can’t reccomend it enough though, you will feel great after.


Soft tissue therapist here. To clarify, sports massage tends to be a bit of a buzz word for deep tissue techniques. A good therapist (and clinically focused therapists) will have a lot of further techniques in their tool kit including a number of stretching techniques that cannot be done alone and are very effective for tissue length and general mobility. Especially in the case of muscular injuries such as strains allowing them to stretch segments of muscle without aggravating damaged tissues. As well as neuromuscular techniques to attempt to tackle trigger points and overall general improvements to tissue function and scar tissue reduction.

Sports massage is definitely beneficial, but it is also only a complimentary therapy and the best results come in conjunction to using the foam roller and stretching outside the sessions. When people come into the clinic, depending on the condition of their soft tissues they tend to have the first early sessions quite frequently and then they just reach a level of maintenance and require it significantly less often to maintain.

The best effects come in conjunction with stretching, foam rolling and careful programming to avoid imbalance.


Thank you for the extra motivation to keep up a good foam rolling regimen :+1:


Well put. I have a great relationship with my therapist as she is a marathoner who has gotten into biking so we swap knowledge!

Thanks for the info. I’ve been heavy lifting, running, and biking for 5+ years. I have lots of little aches and pains all over the place but nothing that warrants a doctor visit or anything like that. Thinking a sports massage could be a good idea

Renpho Massage Device for legs

Just asking if anyone has any experience with these?

I thrown some money at them, look out for the discount coupons on the page if you’re interested, you can get up to £20 off price quoted below. My initial indications are good. Really relaxing my legs after a hard session, settling down the random calf firing I sometimes experience.

They do look like robocop legs… will report back after a few months, but so far after one week, very happy.

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