Massage during training programme

Hi all

Looking for some advice with regards sports massage during training programmes. I would like to incorporate this every few weeks (cost prohibits more frequency). I use a foam roller most days which would continue to supplement this.

When would be the best time to get a sports massage. Would it be after the final hard session before the easier (lower TSS) weeks or at another time? Should it be the evening of this ride or the next day? Should I ensure no ride the day after massage? Etc etc

All advise welcome.

FYI I am on sustained power build HV at the moment but also plan to do sweet spot base later this year.

Many thanks


Hi I use my percussion massage gun, TheRaBody every other day doesn’t really matter if its a hard week or not. I really feel the benefit of it though. My muscles feel sore the next day, but once I start training my legs come right and feel 100%. If your using a roller as well, I would once a month get a massage, work out any other knots. And gives you some relax time. You don’t always need to have a deep tissue sports massage.

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Thanks. Any advice on when to schedule so a massage within a training plan? Is there a better or worse time?

I’d schedule them on recovery week (following up on your comment about incorporating them every few weeks) and allowing at least 24h before and after the massage. Make sure to drink a lot of water after the massage in order to help with the cleansing process.


I prefer deep tissue massages and try to schedule them during recovery weeks and get my workout / ride for the day in before the massage. If I cannot schedule during a recovery week I try to do it the day before a recovery day and after the hard workout for the day. Basically I’m trying to avoid taking any possible soreness / tenderness into a difficult workout.

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How do you find the therabody products? I have just seen they now have a more affordable mini gun.

I have always looked at these type of products as I sometimes suffer from ITB issues.