Detailed duration of training plans

Hey everyone,

I’m using zwift for the moment but looking at moving to trainerroad.

The problem is that i’m looking for training plans with max 45 min per session, any longer doesn’t fit in my schedule (i do it before work).

I was looking at the low volume training plans but can’t seem to find any detail about it.

Can someone tell me the duration per session of them?

They are usually one hour long…

Base plans are typically 2x 60min workouts during the week, and then 1 90min workout on the weekend. Build plans you start to see some 75min workouts during the week and also 90min on the weekend.

Most rides do have a 45 min option you could swap out for, but the long weekend ride is definitely beneficial if you can put more time to that?

In base and build, generally about an hour during the week and in specialty there’s an opportunity for time crunched athletes. I train before work as well and get up at 4:15 am to get my stuff done; is this an option?

If you like, DM me with your first and last name along with your email address and I’ll give you one of my referrals so you can have a peak yourself.



Thanks for the answers, @pwandoff getting up at 4:15 is really not an option i got up too early for previous trainings with fatigue as a result. I just want to improve a bit and be healthy.

So realisticaly (i work full time and have 2 evening classes per week) i wouldn’t want to do more then 45 minutes per day, longer in the weekend is ok.

Can you guys send a printscreen of the following training? (just the duration no other details)

@Wayne do you think i can do the low volumes with 45 minutes in the week?


Pick the Low Volume plan, and look for the “minus” (-) variations of the workouts that are shorter. Not all workouts offer these variations, but many do.

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At a quick glance, each of the workouts in base/build/cyclocross-specialty have a 45 minute option available. They are about 10-15 TSS lower than the prescribed (greater difference in build bc of the 75 min workouts). Nearly every one should have a 45-min variant available to you, and if not the workout library is big enough to find a suitable alternative when you plan out your schedule.


Thank you so much! I’ll give it a go!!

But if you search workouts, easiest on the web interface (with search (ctrl F)) you can usually find something equivalent to a minus version, or at least close. Filter by zone, and then search for the interval duration is the method I’ve used.

If you did that for low volume, you could supplement other mornings with less intense workouts (off the top of my head, Carter and Birch are 45 minute endurance workouts)/

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Haven’t visited the TrainerRoad site as a non-user for a long time but it’s surprising that this sort of information isn’t available to potential customers.

If you want to send me a Private Message on the forum I can give you a referral for a free month - you can have a look at the training plans and decide if it’s right for you that way.


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@themagicspanner I was surprised about that too :slight_smile:
A referral would be great! don’t know how to DM on this forum though…

Just click on his name and you will get a “Message” option:

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I don’t have that option :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t always have time to do the full hour so I just do as much as I can and make sure to leave 5 or so minutes to cool down. At the end of the day, it’s really just about you doing some work as your schedule allows.
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Ah, it’s because you are “new” and have not attained the level that allows that.

Mike or I can message you to start the ball rolling.

Tx, “themagicspanner” already dm’ed me :slight_smile:

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What are you trying to achieve? Have you a target event? Do you just want to cycle?

While there are the -1 and -2 versions of a lot of workouts if you are that time limited the time crunch 45 plan in speciality might suit you better depending on what you are trying to do.

Also if you would like to send me your email in PM I’ll be happy to send you one of the trial periods sitting idly in my account and then you can play with the training plans and calendar as much as you like :slight_smile:

Hey @brenph I just want to work out a bit and improve my ftp. Don’t really have plans. Just be healthy and don’t loose too much sleep :smiley: I like to ride outdoors in the weekend

Thank you also for the referral, man this forum is really alive with a lot of good people with tips!

Thanks a lot y’all!

I have been following TR for about 2 years. I can’t commit to more than an hour per session but as most have said, majority of the workouts have a shorter version.

My FTP has been steadily increasing over this time, despite not doing the 75, 90 min or longer sessions.

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Yeah… I just had a quick look and time crunch 45 is going to be way more fun :smiley:

It may end up biasing you towards short and punchy stuff… but if you are just having fun anyway… it’s all good :smiley:

For what it’s worth I couldnt do most of those without doing 15 minutes of easy spinning before hand to get warmed up as the warmup and cooldown are often sacrificed in the shorter rides.

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