Maximum Workout Time in Training Plan

My wife has been doing the Zwift Return to Fitness training program and now she’s interested in Trainerroad, I’ve just set her up with a Low Volume Training Plan and every workout has come out at 1 hour and above. Obviously this is fine for most people (including myself) but as a time poor Mum with a one year old and four year old she’s rarely going to get more than 45 minutes free.

Is there a way to set a maximum workout time when creating a training plan? Should we manually choose an alternate for every workout? Or should we just use TrainNow?

I just asked something similar, and the answer was to use alternatives.

Thanks I was trying to search for a similar answer but couldn’t see anything

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She could use one of the Time Crunched plans. They’re 30 or 45 minutes and found under Specialty Plan —> Enthusiast. I don’t know if AT works with those but I assume it does.

The other option is using TrainNow and then selecting the duration based on her available time.


Thanks @mtbjones that was exactly what I was looking for, I had no idea there were so many training plans hidden in there, I’ve always just done the custom plan builder.


I don’t think those plans work with AT as they aren’t available through plan builder and AT only works with plan builder.

That used to be true, but its not any more.

Any of the regular TR plans can be added via the old method and work with AT. It was announced a few months ago by Ivy.

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I’d be asking why you have so much time and she doesn’t? :joy:


I knew someone would ask that @Supermurph19, I force myself up at 5am and she doesn’t :smile:



I might take a look at one of those other options myself, that’s not the kind of answer I remember receiving.

I get up at 5am just to get to work. I like short workouts because I try to do them at lunch, which is only 30 minutes. I get over two hours of zone 2 a day on my commute.

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Is this still the case? I can do 1h workouts during weekdays and longer ones on weekends. However current block wants me to do 90min during week. Do I have to manually edit and use alternatives?

It was mentioned on one of the podcasts that there will be a feature where you can specify the length of time you have available for workouts so that Plan Builder and AT don’t serve you up with 90min workouts when you only have 60mins free for example. No indication about when this will appear.