Shorter workout plan?

Is there a way to set up a plan where it just gives you 30-60 (30-45 ideal) workouts? I only get a 30 minute lunch break and would prefer to do them then, but I can sneak in some 45 minute days fairly often. I am currently doing a LV plan and adding in endurance workouts at lunch, but shortening the long workouts to 30-45 minute options.

I am commuting 2 hours a day on the bike, but the commute isn’t very convenient for most workouts. If not, I will just keep doing what I am doing, for now.

There is no way to apply a plan (Plan Builder or ad hoc) and set any limits on workout durations like you want.

The best option right now is to load the assigned workout, use the “Alternates” function, set your desired workout duration, and pick from that list.

Not ideal if you have to do it often, and there are instances where there may not be a similar workout for a given duration. AFAIK, that is all you can really do right now.

The only real “time” based option are the Time Crunched plans (30 min or 45 min) that exist in the Specialty section, but those are not necessarily long range plans.


you could try the time crunched plans under specialty phase > Enthusiast. There’s a block for 30 min workouts and another for 45 min. I’d use the 30min version and then use workout alternatives when you can get 45 min in.