Desktop App won't sync and very slow to load

Is it just me or does the new windows app have it’s new set of problems. the old one would cut out and lock up. the new one works great during the ride, but takes forever to load and rarely uploads the rides. sometimes i have to restart the computer 5 or 6 times before it will sync. tonight’s ride won’t sync at all. a few times it said it was synced, now it just says sync failed.

it’s not the computer, everything else on it works fine

I suggest an email to for this type of issue (if you haven’t already done so).

Running into the same issue for the Mac Desktop app. In my present (albeit limited) setup, I’ve been able to upload and/or re-sync rides after one or two tries. Now I can’t get my ride from yesterday to sync at all, getting the same “sync failed”, with the same setup I’ve been using for four weeks with no other limitations from the computer/hotspot. Submitted a ticket, but maybe there’s something else going on?

Hi guys!

We’ve had an ongoing issue with a portion of some users’ rides done in the new desktop applications not syncing to us upon completion. Closing and reopening the application usually gets the ride to push, and I’d generally recommend trying that over the re-sync ride button if you run into this.

We added some fixes and safeguards for this in our latest beta, which can be downloaded here if you want to try it out, but that did not resolve the problem entirely. These fixes should be making their way out to our production versions soon.

We have an engineer actively looking into this issue and another attempt will be made to further address it in the near future. Thanks for your patience until then! :slight_smile:


thank you, hopefully this will be corrected soon.

TR update today not sure if that is a coincidence but now will not sync. I’ve tried resync, restarting TR, restarting PC and no joy. Even tried editing a comment and saving but it wont save either.

Also can not download to ride data.

PS, In case it takes a while to get fixed. Can I some how get my data from this ride? I want it in TP and WKO but can’t download the data is just says “we have taken a nasty spill.”

Hi there,

At this stage, with the information we have, I would think that it’s likely to be a coincidence.

Please go ahead and reach out to our support staff at and they’ll be happy to help you out. I’m not sure, but they actually may have already reached out to you. :slight_smile:

I eventually got the ride to sync… took about 2 hrs… not great. Think I will record the ride / workout in parallel with a head unit in future. If reliability doesn’t improve with TR apps soon, dropping TR is a real possiblity. Long time user about 5 years. Only had problems in the last 12 mths.

I switched back to the Legacy Windows desktop app until they work through the issues with syncing in the new app. The legacy version still works great for me.

Also, I had a couple of rides ridden using the new version that hadn’t ever uploaded, but I did try uninstalling the new app, clearing out the appdata folder that I could find, then reinstalling. When I did that, although it still seemed to have my calendar and ride history cached initially, it did eventually update the calendar and upload those two missing rides.

I am running Windows 10, latest version of TR. It took around 10 min to download 4 workouts added on my Web Calendar to the TR desktop app. It took few seconds to download them on the latest version of TR desktop app on my Mac. iOS works app just fine.

So there seems to be something wrong with the latest version of TR desktop app on Windows.

Thanks for letting us know @manouchao. We are aware of the issues with the Windows App and have a developer working towards a resolution :+1:. As Geoff said above:

In the latest Beta that released today, we have made further improvements in an attempt to resolve the slow-sync that some users are experiencing. You can download the Beta here: TrainerRoad Windows Beta

If you would like to run the Legacy version of TrainerRoad while we sort out this sync issue, you can download that version here: TrainerRoad Windows Legacy

We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this, we will share any Beta updates here.

I’m just checking in because it’s been 2 months since this has been updated and as of yesterday (10-21-2019) my desktop app is still so slow to download the workouts from the website (literally about 10 min) that I switched back to using my phone for a lot of the workouts. Any progress in the foreseeable future?

Same here.

I’m using the latest TR Windows app on a Microsoft Surface running Windows 10. It takes forever to sync the calendar but fortunately I don’t have any major issues with activities uploading.

We have put a good amount of work in to address the slow loading issue. Your sync on initial setup will still take quite a while as we’re pulling a lot of data in, but it should be faster than it was before, and it should run normally on subsequent visits to the app.

Since you had been away from the app for awhile, there was likely a lot of data needing to be pulled in, adding to your wait time.

If your app is still running extremely slow on your next few visits, please reach out to us at

Do you close your application between uses? If not, try closing the app and opening it again to help the Sync occur more quickly.

Since the calendar refresh seems to be sluggish with the new desktop app, would it be possible to have just the current week or two sync initially when refreshing the calendar with a quick refresh button, and maybe some separate option to do the full, time-consuming refresh? That way when someone heads to the trainer for a workout, whatever relevant changes they might have made to their plan via the web calendar that impact their immediate workout plans are quickly reflected and they can immediately load and get going on their workout. Something like that might make a huge difference in the usability of the desktop app. I’ve noticed that the Android version seems to reflect any training plan calendar changes rapidly when it starts up.

Same experience for me, syncing the calendar is very slow, but uploading rides after a workout is fine. Except that I also find after finishing a workout, while the workout uploads immediately, it doesn’t match to the planned workout on the calendar until I manually sync. And when I manually hit the sync/refresh button it does nothing, so I have to close the app and restart it to get it to happen. I only recently switched to trying the Windows app after running on Android previously. I can’t say I’m very impressed with the experience so far.

Yes, I close it every time. And every time I start it up it takes a good few minutes to open up the program and goodness knows how long to actually sync the calendar; I don’t bother watching it as I’m usually starting a workout.

First time using the Mac app in a month or so… and I’m sat like a lemon waiting for the workouts to load.

Actually flipped over to the iPhone app and that’s showing no workouts scheduled too, despite me bumping SSB last night. No, iPhone beat the Mac app.

It was app downloading the new version that was blocking the workout information…

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I also find the app very slow to load with windows 10 i now launch it and go and put my shoes on and get ready to suffer…

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