Issue with app not recognizing login info

For some reason I was logged out of my app. I have my password and login saved (iOS) but the app was giving me an error. So I chose a new password and now the app says one or both is incorrect. Is anyone else having difficulty logging in to the app? I logged into the forum just fine :man_shrugging:t2:




Bummer but glad it isn’t just me

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Same. Just finished a ride and it didn’t sync in Strava. Can’t log in on either the iPad or iPhone.

Can log into the web app just fine but I don’t see my completed ride. :slightly_frowning_face:


Totally, web/forum work fine for me as well. Bummer wanted to ride once the kids went down tonight.

Hopefully once this is resolved my two and a half hour TR workout gets recovered. :fearful:


I have this issue on my Mac but not my iPhone, going to use my iPhone and hope for the best…

Edit: now have the issue on my iPhone. RIP

My issue is iPhone for sure, haven’t yet tested others.

@IvyAudrain @SarahLaverty @ZackeryWeimer

Same issue with iPhone

I’m also having the same issue. Iphone app and windows app on my PC.

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Just pc so far for me. Thought I was going crazy.

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+1 app, browser (phone & PC)

Haha thought I was losing it too!

I luckily took this screenshot right after I finished it and seemingly right before the service went down. Currently don’t see it saved on the web app. I need all the prayers that this is recoverable.


I cant login on android, just errors out.

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I’m going to create a custom workout into garmin connect and do what i have scheduled, and associate it after the fact. Hopefully that all works out.

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90g of carbs powering some serious foot tapping :wink:


Lol I had cereal for dinner. Straight to the hips :rofl:

I also can’t login to the app… hopefully this is resolved by the morning!