Not syncing workouts

I’m using tr on ipad ios12.5 and latest version of app and I did 2 workouts today and for some reason app is not upload my workouts anywhere even when I try to look up session on website it shows error and couldn’t find a workout hope is only temporary

Check in with support!
They’ll be able to help out. Sorry for the trouble!

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I’ve had the same. I checked in with support and they are aware and are looking into it.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried re-syncing the ride, doesn’t show.

Mine did sync, but it took about 30 minutes to show up

Having same trouble - rode on iPhone, latest version. The app says the ride was synced, but it does not show on my career page. Website still shows workout as upcoming.

Hey folks!

Bryce from Support here.

I’m really sorry about the delays regarding workout uploads at the moment.

We are currently experiencing a server delay, but rest assured that your ride is still saved locally on your device. The influx of rides due to New Years’ fitness goals is causing the server to slow down a bit, but if you give it some time, it should sync automatically, just not as fast as it should. We’re really sorry for the delay, and we have developers looking into this issue as we speak.

One method that may speed up this process is to close and reopen your application since this can help to force a sync. Try doing this every 30-60 minutes if you’re in a hurry to analyze your ride.

And again, we’re really sorry for this inconvenience, shoot us an email at if it doesn’t sync within a few hours.

All the best,


My ride is up now. PRs not calculated yet. Support really helpful as always. Great job guys.

The PC app does the same if the internet drops during the workout. On the PC you need to switch off and reconnect the wifi. Select re-sync and be patient, it eventually appears on the web site.

Im sure you probably won’t want/can’t answer this, but I am very curious to know what percentage above normal workouts per day you all are seeing right after the New Years. Something like 2x the number of average workouts done in a day.

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There are definitely more than normal post New Year! This is expected. :wink: