Calendar syncing or lack of

I deleted a plan on my calendar via the web interface but it is still showing up in the windows app and my google calendar…I’ve hit refresh but its still there. I deleted it in the app but it reappears…anyway to make it sync across platforms?

I’ve found the sync to be extremely slow. I schedule a ride on the website calendar in the afternoon, and in the evening when I launch the desktop app it takes up to 5 minutes for the calendar to sync (the refresh button on the top right is unclickable)


Ditto. In the morning, it takes more time for the app to warm up that for me, it seems.
I turn the app on, go make coffee, and usually when i’m back, it’s finally up to date (as long as there’s no proper update to do)

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Yeah, kind of a bummer that it takes 10 plus minutes to load sometimes, I’ve been a user since 2013 and I miss the days that you could just start up and go. Maybe they should make a dumbed down version that loads fast.

I’ve noticed lately the auto uploads to Strava post-ride take up to 5 minutes as well, not sure if there’s just general lag

Looking into this, hang tight!

Okay update! While we cant conclude that theres a systems-based cause for these instances, we can recommend some general best practices for quicker sync. We’ve found closing out of unnecessary apps and closing the TR app completely when not in use to be helpful. The sync process can also be slowed down/canceled by navigating around the app a bunch during the initial sync after re-launching the app.

If you go through these steps before your next sync and thing still seem amiss, definitely reach out to the team so they can run through some troubleshooting with you. You can email them at, or submit a request online and they’ll take a look!

Hi Ivy,

I have a similar issue, meaning: I had loaded a SS2 plan, then changed my mind and deleted it, to switch to a different plan built through plan builder. 6 days later, and the trainerroad calendar on the web shows different workouts (the correct ones) from the trainerroad app calendar.

Hmm…sorry to hear that, super odd. Do you mind getting in touch with the team at and describing what you’re seeing? I think if I’m understanding correctly, your calendar took 6 days to sync!? Thats bonkers. If theres a bug or something amiss, the team will 1) want to document cases and try to recreate, or 2) just look at your setup to make sure its not a weird localized scenario. :+1: