App running slow [Android]

Seems like something changed with TR software or servers. For some reason, both mine and a friend’s app runs really slowly. Calendars take a bit to sync, etc. I wonder if TR switched to different cloud platform or something? Anyone else notice this?

@Nate_Pearson You guys tracking this?


I’ve noticed it for the past month or so. I’m running the beta (iOS), so I thought it might have something to do with that. Whatever it is, I routinely wonder if the app registered input, like at least once every time I open it.


My experience too. (Except Android beta). App has been dragging recently but assumed it was to do with beta and lots of updates etc.

The web version seems fast this morning.


agreed with you both. Very slow to respond to inputs, or when trying to look at individual intervals to see power, etc. Wonder whats going on.


Yep same here on Android app. I press to select something and there’s about a 3 seconds delay before it does anything.

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Yep same here. It’s been awful for the last month or so.


Probably a good idea to contact so they can figure it out.

Mine too.

Very laggy. I use an old Samsung S8 phone as my dedicated TR device. It used to run quickly but recently it has become very slow when using the TR app. The phone is otherwise stock.

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I have an ipad and the app freezes constantly at the beginning, seems after a minute or two everything works.


Thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into this. We’ll update you guys when we have more information.


Thank you Sarah!


Same issue with an iPad. Also have issues with the spin down calibration, requiring a few attempts before it works.

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Anyone else seeing this? Every time I load the app, my taps are not recognized for a while, then the app goes seemingly crazy catching up to the taps I had previously made. It’s a couple of seconds which makes it super annoying when I’m trying to look at something quick during the day.

My theory is they are blocking the UI on network requests or something else, because I see the little loading state button spinning while I’m blocked out.


Yes same issue seen here on the android version. There’s already another thread on this very subject.

I am experiencing the same issue on iPadOS and iOS. Especially with pages related to Adaptive Training and AI FTP.


Yeah seeing similar lag for the last few weeks. I have logged it through testflight with them.

App has a lag initially opening. It was laggy at times when in app but haven’t noticed that as much in the last week but I haven’t done many workouts in last 10 days or so

Hopefully just something that needs optimizing in an update

I’m going to look into this for you guys. I’ll report back when I have more information :+1:


Yes, it’s quite bad. Usually becomes responsive after 20 seconds.

Also having this issue on iOS app. Been happening for a few days

I see there are two threads now for this same laggy app issue.