Opener before the ramp test

Does it make sense to do an opener the day before the ramp test or is that gaming the system? I have one coming up on Tuesday and I have my longer rides Saturday and Sunday but nothing Monday and I usually perform better after an opener.

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Do what’s feels good for you! Checkout the Davis workout, recommend by a number or people around the forum so I did it right before my ramp test early morning hours to try warm up properly. Glad I did!

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Oh cool, thanks. I’ll do that.

I did this too! The ramp test FAQ says

Due to the very low-intensity nature of the warmup and the fact that it’s scaled to your previous or predicted FTP, this assessment incorporates a sufficient warm-up period that will adequately prepare riders for the higher-intensity steps that will close the ramp assessment.

but I’m new to everything and my legs don’t really know what working hard feels like. I had just finished SSB1, which doesn’t have any work above threshold, so I used Davis to find out what that’s supposed to feel like.

The goal is a good baseline for your next training block, so even if you were “gaming the system” and artificially inflating your FTP for the test, the system would smack you right back down during the workouts. (Or it wouldn’t, in which case you by definition did not game the system. :grin:)


I don’t get worked up about the FTP tests. When I have artificially elevated my results by resting, opening, fuelling etc I have found I have just set myself up for a fall.

I much prefer doing a decent, hard, quality workout in completion rather than crashing and burning early.


Yes, I and others find a day before opener as a good option (note, this is not a “warm-up” on the same day right before the Ramp).

It gets me ready to hurt for the following day, especially when you consider that the Ramp test is most often scheduled after a recovery week and even a full day off. That may work for some, but many find it too much of a shock, so an opener is helpful in prep.

I like Truuli -1, but here is the main Opener thread with more options:


I usually do Dans right before the ramp test, assuming that my 64 year old legs need more warm-up than is provided in the test itself. Dans for 30 min, eat some carbs, get off the bike for a minute or 2 then hit it .


Just came upon this thread thought I was the only one to do openers the day before lol. I will be though that I am the only one that does some version portion of Spanish Needle as an opener?

I apologize if this has already been discussed - I know there are tons of Ramp Test Topics with tons of responses. I couldn’t find this question specifically.

Do you guys do a “Test” opener or race opener prior to the ramp test? For example the day before? Most of us have a recovery week prior to the Ramp Test, so we are recovering and not doing high intervals… do you guys add a special workout to get the legs pumping the day before the Ramp test?