What should your 'form' be ideally when taking an FTP test?

Have both TP and Strava charts. I’ll be around 10 form on tomorrow’s test if I take a rest day today and a bit lower if I do some openers. I read once that you need a few days of + form to do really well or hit new peaks. Think that was on a TP post.

You look to be in a good place. You want to have a positive number but no too positive. I have always thought a single digit number is good.
Co-incidentally I have a test planned on New Years Day and I have a form of 12 currently with Truule +1 today

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Good to know thanks! Decided on Trulli (no + or -) myself. Good luck tomorrow!

I think this is an interesting point - that if you follow the training plans one after the other, the FTP test takes place on a Tuesday after a day of complete rest.

Personally I would never do a race or race effort without a primer workout the day before. Maybe week 1 of each training plan should be:

Tue: Truuli or Truuli -1
Wed: ramp test
Thu: Medium intensity intervals


No you don’t. Do a ramp test every week if you like, it’s not that hard, not like the old hour protocol.

As long as you’re not sick go for it.

Form should not matter for the ramp test. Usually a ramp test follows a recovery week and then a rest day. You shouldn’t need any specific “opener” the day before or just prior warmup to do the ramp test. This is different than the previous 8 min or 20 min tests where pacing and form were more dependent.

That being said, if you want comparable FTP results you’ll need to do the same “openers” and warmups before every future ramp test if you choose to go this route.

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I actually responded about how I take a FTP test - I still do the 20 minute version.
It was only when @martinheadon responded that the ramp test was mentioned.

I would agree that form or an opener is not really relevant for the ramp test but it definitely is for a full blown effort


In fact it is really hard on your body.