Dave Brailsford shares training and eating regime

With all the talk of low carb diets in recent years, it’s interesting to read about Dave’s own approach


A very recent Cyclingpodcast episode had a full interview with him. This was a very recent interview. There he mentioned that this low carbish diet was just a short phase because he likes to try out things. He’s simply interested in these things and wants to experience himself what it is like. Now he’s back on a “normal/regular/standard” diet. Sort of.

Just mentioning …


^this, listen to the cycling podcast episode, fascinating chat with the guy

Any idea which episode number?

Forgot about it, this episode is part of the “Friends of the podcast” series. Only accessible when you donate.

Cyclingpodcast is probably my most favourite show, really love their coverages of the Grand Tours. That’s why I’m a “friend” ever since.

Yet he sends his squad out on 5-hour Z2 rides armed with only a single banana. :banana:

“It’s good to be king.” — Mel Brooks :rofl:

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I think this just shows the difference between elite and non-elite riders. If you’re really competitive then these things may matter. If you’re not, they don’t.

“I’ve only eaten carbs from veg and had two bananas the rest of the time - so I’ve stuck to fat and protein only and only eaten between 11am and 8pm. I lost 3kgs…”

No complaints about his approach! Just want to point out to other who might want to give this a try…typically in the first couple weeks you’ll see a rapid ~5lb weight loss. That’s just water coming out of your muscles as glycogen gets depleted. Just a natural consequence of moderate exercise during a carb restricted eating regime.

Sometimes folks get excited about this initial weight loss…sometimes they get confused! I know there were some dexa scans at TR where this caused some confusion. Since glycogen can be stored in muscle tissue & glycogen storage means water storage…if you were to do a dexa scan before starting a low carb diet and then another dexa scan two weeks into a low carb diet you might fool yourself into thinking you’ve lost a lot of muscle. Don’t be. It’s just glycogen/water leaving the muscle tissue. If you ate carbs for a few days it would all come back.

But don’t be discouraged if you go down this path and the weight loss you see in week #3 or week #4 is much, much less than what you saw in weeks #1 & #2. In fact, you should be pleased with that weight loss in the 3rd & 4th weeks because, even though it’s a lot less than what you may have seen in the first two weeks, the week 3/4 weight loss will be almost all fat.

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