Struggling with nutrition. Need ideas!

First time post. I am new to TrainerRoad. About a month in. Avid cyclist but never done structured training. But I want make a serious effort to racing this year. Tested into a 287 ftp but due to my drive to finish workouts above the demanded power I feel that my next test will give me a good jump. Problem is I weigh 210-215 at 5”11. Probably too much visceral fat, normal average fat percentage, and more upper body muscle than needed. I want to lose as much wight as possible. Like 30 or more pounds at any cost. And that cost probably being losing a little muscle. Not in legs of course. What is the best method. Obviously diet. Fasted rides? Become fat adapted and limit carbs to only the purpose of timely fueling high demanding rides? Gluten-free and zero sugar thinking that’s what contributes to visceral fat? I mean I look like I’m in shape, but I want to be faster and lighter. The more I try to learn about diet the more I feel confused. Looking for ideas or programs. Thanks for reading

Have you seen this thread? It has a bunch of good information and anecdotes. Your personal best way to lose some fat - anecdotes / experiences / examples of what kicked your ***

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Try eating or thinking calorie dense food (fruit, vegetables, lean meats). You will feel more satiated with xxx calories of ^^^ vs. the same calories of white/junk carbs and therefore eat a touch less.

Or consult with a Sports Nutritionist. I found it very helpful. Lots of specific advice for my individual needs.


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Losing 30 pounds “at any cost” is probably not consistent with also being faster and having a good race season. The podcast has dealt with the challenge of losing weight without also reducing performance, and you may need to decide which is more important. It also depends on what type of racing you plan to do; weight may not be a huge deal.


Eat at a 200-400 calorie deficit. Let the weight fall off slowly. It’s not what but how much that determines weight.

Chicken, rice, broccoli. This was my main diet for so long when I went from 188 to 145 in about six months. Back then though I was still pretty Elmer on what to eat, when, etc.

Keep things simple, whole and carb centric. Save the processed sugar items for your workouts. Have you looked into Matt Fitzgerald’s book, The Endurance Diet? I’ve seen it recommended everywhere and maybe a good starting point? Train and eat well accordingly and the weight loss will follow :slight_smile:

In this topic you should find so many approaches that one of them will fit you or give you some ideas to start from.