Cycling Podcasts

I’ll add in two that I listen to every week:
The Slow Ride Podcast. Comes out Tuesday mornings.

Just Riding Along Podcast. Comes out Monday mornings. Mountain bike focused. Pre-pandemic all three hosts worked in bike shops but now only one of them does. I still like their bike industry takes.


I’ve come to enjoy listening to Joe and Tom at Triathlon Mockery. Very real and light-hearted. It’s pure entertainment, not really training oriented.

Triathlon Mockery

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My lord I feel the same with FasCat and Ben taking over as Frank’s content person. It’s getting pretty annoying. I had to unfollow them on Instagram as the repetitive reels was getting to be too much. The podcast has turned into HRV all the time ( I get it’s the main driving force for the new app and all).

I kinda miss Jackson and Frank doing the pod. They worked well together and it was more about getting ready, race results, how to be better etc.

Payson’s pod is a great listen. He does seem a bit ‘off’. His old pods were all about the spirit, making sure everyone stopped at aid stations. He’s soon realized Keegan and Finsty dgaf about the ‘rules’ and he’s making changes to go with that crowd it seems.


Anything under Bill’s umbrella is great.
Criterium Nation
Cyclocross Radio
Slo Ride


Lanterne Rouge Cycling
Imperfect Progress

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  • BikeRadar
  • FasCat (concur with the comments above on host changes and recent focus on HRV)
  • The Gravel Ride (as a wanna be gravel rider who has no gravel roads near where I live and still doesn’t have permission from the wife to get N+1)
  • TrainingPeaks Coach Cast

Another vote here for Lantern Rouge. Their race analysis is second to none.


For the Zwift racers on here: Nowhere Fast is probably my favorite podcast of all. It’s certainly the one I drop everything and listen to the second I see that an episode has dropped. It’s so damn funny.


And Nowhere Fast!! The best one of all!


thank you so much for the mention; greatly appreciate it! I hope some of the episodess have helped you in your cycling journey!

Happy Holidays! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


point noted on the length of the EVOQ podcast! TBH, I keep the short ones short so that if someone is interested in “topic c”, they don’t have to sift past topic A and B to get to what they want. But even more honest, the production is much easier when it’s, sigh, just me, putting this together, and I can rip off some 10 minute ones when the idea pops in my head. (that in itself might be a bad strategy Lol). But working to make it better!

But longer format also makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion! and hopefully they’re helped!



Lololol, damn app!

good luck with the training!

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Matt Stephens’
The Cycling Podcast (RIP RIchard)
That Triathlon Show
Cycling Performance Club / Semi-Pro Cycling
Losing Your Mind with Chris Cosentino (Top Chef and cyclist)
Shut Up and Build Bikes (framebuilder stuff)


King of the Ride
Breakfast with Boz
Marginal Gains

Supremely Annoying:

Cinch Cycling
Fast-Talk (other than the Steven Seiler episodes)

Excellent Back Catalog Listens:

Paceline (when it was Fatty, Hotty, and Patrick)
The Pull (Patrick interviewing framebuilders)

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Great one. Great guests. Great questions. Great transcript to quickly search.

The only ones I find really annoying :man_shrugging:

Not enough votes for Lantern Rouge. Those two guys would be great Directors Sportifs for a team


I’m not a Zwifter, but just listened to the most recent “emergency pod”.

Seems like a good recommendation. Thanks :ok_hand:

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  • Empicircalcycling - for me alwyas no.1
  • Placeholders
  • ScientificTriathlon
  • CT
  • Nerd Alert
  • From the top form CT (very interesting stories behind major companies)
  • FastTalk Labs
  • BroomWagon - very niche but a lot of interesting guests that do not apper on other podcast
  • Shut up ans build bikes - long and interesting interviews with frame builders. Rob English episode was amazing.
  • TrainRight
  • Endurance Innovation
  • The Creative Cyclist

Nobody listen to the competition?

The Knowledge Podcast

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the trainright podcast
Fast Talk
lantern rouge
the knowledge podcast by wahoo
bobby & jens

and a lot of other, Dutch spoken podcasts

Nice call. I enjoyed this podcast until Hotty and Fatty left.