Do you find yourself skipping podcasts?

Personally I can’t find myself listening or looking forward to the podcast as I used to. Is it just me?


I mean, after a while topics are pretty much the same and it’s hard to find interesting stuff on a roll.

I too used to listen to pods a lot more until recently. Perhaps a break is physiological.


I dunno, I still simp for the pod. :woman_shrugging:t4: :joy:
And still go back to early ones in-between.
In the 70s (again) right now.
For me, listening to the earlier episodes is kind of a little mental break since it’s such a different time - format, opinions, emphasis - all of that has evolved, but it’s been enjoyable here!


While I did give the podcast some grief earlier in the year for what I considered to be a drop in quality and lack of entertainment value, I must admit that they sure stepped their game up over the summer months. Recently, the podcast has been much more entertaining in my opinion, and I look forward to new episodes. Some fresh faces like Tobin Ortenblad also spice it up.

With this said, I still miss the OG podcast from 2018-2020, but golden eras are called eras for a reason, they don’t last forever. The podcast is constantly evolving, and although we may give them some crap on the forum, I have the utmost respect for the hosts and their efforts to keep the podcast interesting. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to answer mild variations of the same 20 questions over and over again in an interesting and engaging way.


I find myself skipping past some segments, if they start out as discussing (and the response heading down the same road as) something specific I feel comfortable with, having watched many episodes of TR podcasts and others, i.e. I’m not quite the sponge I once was… UNLESS there is a guest that I would like to hear their take on the subject.

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I get like that with every podcast I’m subscribed to. It must be really hard to make a podcast interesting every week.
I like to take a hiatus from podcasts for a few months and then go back through and listen to one’s that sound interesting.


The very fact that podcasts are week in week out makes them an incredibly difficult medium to get right. One of my favourites specifically has seasons for that very reason. They do 12 focussed episodes in a run and then it takes a break. Keeps me tuning in every time its on because I know that both they and I wont burn out on the content. I come and go on the TR podcast in a similar way. Tune out for a while. Then binge the content for a while while I am doing my trainer rides. Works for me and I really enjoy the new-ish format :smiley:


I personally find them unnecessarily long, so I tend not to listen to them unless I don’t have anything else in my feed. The sweet spot for podcast length for me is around 45min. I know everyone is different, but that’s my experience.


I mean they repeat a lot of stuff but the reality is there is only so much you can discuss about training etc. Until you run out of stuff… that said I don’t think the pod is as good as it once was. Still tune in for some topics and on YouTube I can just skip to that section which is nice.

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Don’t listen since Chad left.


I still listen in, just not as enthusiastically as I used to, probably since Chad’s departure and not seeing much of Nate these days. Having said that I love seeing Ivy on the cast, she’s a breath of fresh air.

One newish podcast I do find quite entertaining is Francis Cade’s Wild Ones podcast.


Same. Without the chemistry of the original crew with Chad, Jon, and Nate… it’s just not the same. I left the podcast dormant on my player for months, and finally just deleted the feed the other day, with some sadness I admit.


I don’t listen near as often as I used to. Not sure why necessarily…maybe a change in dynamics between the hosts/guests or just the recycling of topics (which is inevitable).

I also don’t listen it these days. I think for me it feels like maybe the vibe is off? Especially since Chad’s departure. I don’t mind repeatability of many topics and really enjoyed some earlier conversations with previous crew, like Pete, Amber, Nate and Chad…It was fun times!


Me too. I don’t find them as interesting or entertaining. My favorite podcasts are when they talk about updates to TrainerRoad or better ways to use TrainerRoad.


2018 and 2019 I was very regularly listening to the podcast on my trainer. In 2020 I started riding outdoors for substantially more hours and a 2 hour aaccp episode was barely enough for a single ride in the week. I had to find a lot more podcasts to fill the time to the point where it feels like there’s almost too much to listen too (which I’d say is better than having to delay a ride for want of content!). Still love the aacc podcast, but I’m not chomping at the bit to prioritize it, either.

I just checked and haven’t listened since June. It’s felt a bit stale in my opinion. Just haven’t been drawn to it anymore. I have been loving The Nero Show and Wild Ones though.


No Chad, no Nate, I protest-ate


I mean this with no disrespect for the OG group, but “chemistry” is definitely a thing … and the 3 of them had it in spades.

There are 3 archetypes in a comic trio …

I’ll leave it to you all to decide the roles they slot into, but I miss them as a great listen. I don’t give a :poop: if I even learned something … there was always a nugget as a takeaway.

PS: I love @IvyAudrain … she has really found her voice and I enjoy it more when she’s there.

Nate is a wildcard, and that’s what’s been missing in my opinion … I’m hopeful for a next evolution :crossed_fingers:


During summer my plate is full with cycling.
During NFL season, my plate is full of football.
Around Super Bowl time and thereafter, there is not much happening so I will binge TR podcasts.

Having said that, it has not been the same since Amber left. And then another step away with Chad gone.