Cycling Memes and Jokes

Reverse shuttle anyone :slight_smile:

Downhill on an XC bike is fun. Lizard brain is saying: “yeee haw”!!! but the monkey brain is thinking: “We shouldn’t be doing this dumb a$$ downhill trail on XC bikes. This bike is going to explode on one of these jumps and we’re gonna die”.

Am off to make Lizard Brain vs Monkey Brain Memes now. Carry on.


Not sure if been posted yet but this is hilarious!




If only the bike shops could get stock. I was talking to my local bike shop, they order 40 from Specialised and they got 6. That is supply for the year. On the plus side they did say Specialised were not giving bikes to larger retailers and treating the smaller bike shops fairly

There are massive supply issues everywhere. A buddy of mine manages the local TREK warehouse for the entire tri-state area and says the shelves are practically empty, once something comes in it almost immediately goes to a shop. It’s so bad he can’t even get Shimano parts for himself through work and had to order a chain and cassette through the internet.

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Thats sounds like the exact same story as my LBS! (Also a specialized dealer).
Last year they tried to become a BMC dealer and BMC told them no, because they had hard time fulfilling orders with current stocking dealers!

I think at the point mostly cheaper mass produced bikes are the one selling at LBS
If you want a higher end…has to be DTC or willing to wait.

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My buddy just got a P1 Emonda with eTap AXS on it and the only reason he only had a 4 month wait is because SRAM has more supply than Shimano (I won’t go into my theories as to why that is)

Another one was looking at a custom painted Orbea Orca with Ui2 and was told he could have it early next year.

/non-Meme rant



Credit: @dunstonfromdunstonchecksin posted by cat3memes on IG

likes ipa (gross) :joy::rofl:


In their next move, the UCI is going to ban peeing on the side of the road. You either have to hold it or wear a diaper. No waste whatsoever!

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RE: UCI banning peeing. That’s obvious, that’s why they don’t want you to throw the empty bottles away. You need to keep the empty bottles to pee into, amazon style, and then drop them off at the litter zones.



Ouch. If you watch closely you can see that his front wheel falls off. I bet he forgot to tighten his QR.

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Eeek. Yeah… a good lesson for sure. And he managed to take them all out! Looks like most of them landed fairly clean, so that’s good. Glad no one got super hurt…

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Held onto the bottle longer than the bike.

He didn’t want to get DQ’d for littering