Stupid Things We've Done on the Trainer

A group of us did a group workout this weekend and my eyes were still focused on int HR and int Cadence…and I was convinced my HR monitor and cadence from the KICKR were just wrong…and I was sick of all of it…then one of the other guys pointed out that it was interval HR and interval cadence…which made me realize why it was taking so long for my cadence to move on the screen…it wasn’t “instantaneous cadence/HR”…the much bigger numbers are the ones to focus on…SMH

I bet people have funnier stories than me…

I tried doing a VO2 max workout once :grimacing:


I kept trying to hit 400 watts but couldn’t get it above 375.

Then I realized I was doing 3,750 watts.

Ha, I wish.


Trying to pick up a bottle on the floor without unclipping


Did you reach the bottle? Sideways?

Oh yeah…me too :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not sure it’s actually funny but apparently for the misses it quite is. :grimacing:

I train in a small little chamber of about 5 by 1,5 meters. So basically quite long but very narrow. I train with my back facing the door wearing headphones. So I can neither see nor hear people entering the room. I am quite easily spooked. So the misses regularly scares the shit out of me by entering the room and touching my back or by simply standing next to me talking. You get the idea.
Once she particularly scared the shit out of me resulting in me spilling water and falling of the bike. Apparently, I must have also screamed rather girlish “don’t”.


nearly tipped the trainer over and did not get the bottle.
Now I just yell at my brother to come get it


You need to install a mirror.

Nah it’s extra time at VO2Max. :joy:

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Oh, I’ve played that game. Extra fun. :joy:


I created my own wo…

Then i rode it…

Never again!


Giving or receiving end? :joy:

My wife has try to do this one or twice… But has not not been successfull…
She has try to have a conversation while I am riding at 120% FTP!
I can only answer on monosyllables.


IMCDA course on CompuTrainer.

Riding on it for weeks with my bike improperly installed >_<

I wish it would be like that. I am scared way to easily. It’s quite embarrassing. :sweat_smile:

Conversations are her thing as well. It’s kind of hilarious. Though I mostly enjoy the distraction.

Oh and in terms of stupid things - at the very beginning of my indoor cycling journey I had not spent much thought on the whole indoor watts concept.

I basically thought that a ramp up is the equivalent to riding up a mountain and a ramp down is the corresponding opposite. I was quite puzzled when I realised that a ramp down still means work. Took me quite some time to think this through.

For what it’s worth I hold a bachelors and masters degree in engineering from a pretty decent university. :grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Smashed 3000kcals worth of food literally 10 mins before a 2 hr SS session


Oh… i did this on my first FTP ramp test.