Crave sweetness after a workout

Hi All

After a session I will always have a protein shake. I use Soy Protein and never have any issues with recovery.

In the last few months I have noticed I have been craving something sweet though. Usually I have a cookie and I am fine.

Does anyone else have this? I assume it’s just a drop in glycogen? I have never really had a craving like this before though.

Out of interest - what kind of session, and why a protein shake? (Rather than something carbohydrate based)

I can have the same thing, regardless of trainer or 3-4 hour ride outside…

Sometimes it helps with just eating anything in general, even if I am full from dinner, to dampen the sweet tooth. But otherwise I just grab some cottage cheese with some berries in it.

I usually tend to do a protein shake (with carbs in it) in-between training and dinner if the food isn’t done straight after I am done training.

Usually do:
1 banana
250ml almond milk
teaspoon matcha
tablespoon peanut butter
1 serving protein powder
Some blueberries

Settles the worst of cravings :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fuel the workout to quell the cravings.

Did your FTP go up?

Wait, don’t we all crave sweetness all the time?


If you fuel your workout properly the last thing you want at the end of the training/rise is something sweet as you put so much sweet carbs inside you during the session. I always crave something bitter/sour in taste.


If I am doing an hour I just drink water, I don’t have any gels. It’s served me right for years doing that.

It’s only recently I have started to crave something sweet post ride. No change in FTP or anything.

I like the idea of @Dubadai smoothie. Will give that a go as most of the time I will do an hour or hour and a half then get shake, then go for a shower. Then it’s usually a good hour until I get some food.

Depends what this hour means in training stimulus. If it is Z2 or active recovery - of course water is enough but if it is sweet spot and above - fueling during workout helps (not only the workout but also recovery). Everybody has different view and strategy.

My own opinion is you might not be eating enough during the workout. I think everyone craves sweetness, welcome to being human.
For me what works when I have cravings is eating some fat like peanut butter. My goto is a sweet potato with some nut butter. Usually helps… if not a great recipe is…
1 frozen banana
1 cup yogurt
1 oz. of nuts
1 tsp vanilla extract
Put all that in a food processor, bam frozen
“ yogurt”