Your Pre, Intra & Post Workout Supplements

What supplements are you guys using and when?

For me it’s usually:

  • BCAA/EAAs, coffein and for heavy sessions a Citrulline/Glycine/Arginine pre workout booster
  • Mostly gels and electrolytes during the workout
  • Whey protein post workout unless i’m getting a protein heavy meal

Is there any good bars/gels you could recommend, have’t found any that taste good and are easy on the stomach yet?

How long are your workouts? The longest ones I do are 90 mins and I’ve never felt the need to eat during them.

I just make sure to have eaten enough carbs from real food in the 24hrs leading up to a workout, an electrolyte tab in my water during the workout, and Torq recovery mix for carbs and protein afterwards.

2-3h usually.
I bonked pretty hard even just doing 2h workout and make sure to have at least 1 gel during the final hour of a ride since.

Did you really bonk or were you just doing a more physically demanding workout? I’ve been seeing people using the term bonk really casually lately, I just have a hard time believing, absent any lack of regular carb eating, that someone can actually bonk on 2hr ride. I think muscle fatigue and nutrition get a bit conflated. Not trying to doubt you but I am curious

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I was at a point i could hardly pedal at all anymore and it gradually got worse even though i was on a normal training ride with 2x8 V02max efforts.

It might not be all down to me being depleted but i’d rather make sure it’s not down to lacking carbs and don’t see the harm i consuming 1-2 gel per workout.

Just 1-2 gels if it is a super intense ride. My trainer sessions normally are pretty close to finishing a B-grade fast. So pretty happy to get the Instant carbs from gels in.

I’ve gone away from all other supplements now.

For usual recovery rides I have plain water in bottles. I seek for hunger feeling on completion.
For high intensity rides, I put an electrolyte tablet into a bottle.
For Zwift races, an electrolyte tablet and a gel in the bottle.

All these workouts are followed by a good meal. I don’t use protein shakes for recovery.

I’m not sure if this is a good strategy or not, but my aims are to teach body to not to rely too much on stomach for energy. As a result I feel performance takes a lot longer to degrade during 2-3h races and consuming a gel or few gives a nice boost.

I can understand this logic and it makes a lot of sense, but if you’re struggling to find products that are “easy on the stomach” then maybe it’s the quantity that you’re consuming rather than the type? Something to consider at least.