Fitting a week of sickness into my plan

Currently in week 4 of sustained power build phase, MV.

I’m in a recovery week at the moment, but I’m sick with a head cold and feeling pretty rough so I’m A) missing out on quality recovery and B) not keeping my legs/CV turning over with the planned aerobic rides.
How do you think I should get back on the horse next week? Should I continue as planned, or would I benefit from a lighter week? If I go for a light week, do I offset the rest of the plan by a week, or just swap that one week?
I have a ramp test planned for Tuesday but I doubt I’ll be at my best by then and as it’s only been 3 weeks since my last one, I’ll sub that for an aerobic or sweet spot workout either way.

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Thanks, but I’m still having trouble finding an answer to my problem: falling sick during recovery week. I know I’m not recovering well because I’m sick, but I feel like taking a recovery week after this week - I.E. 14 days with very little loading - could be more time out than needed.

Lots of threads about falling sick during loading weeks and repeating those weeks to keep the stress where it needs to be, but not a lot about recovery weeks :confused:

No need to take another recovery week. Depending how sick you are, ease back into workouts (z2) and see how you feel, likely pretty flat. After a couple of easier rides mix in a little intensity and see how that feels. If it’s ok then give yourself a rest day followed by a ramp test. Move/substitute/scale down workouts the first week back and by the weekend it should be back to as prescribed.

If however everything feels extremely bad/hard then just do short z1 rides to spin the legs until your ready for more (Taku or Dans).

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