Comparing TR's Run protocol

Looking ahead to the TR IM plan, I want to decide whether to adhere to it, or whether I should try BarryP’s plan from over on Slowtwitch. Does anyone have experience with both running protocols?Does anybody have input ?

Do Barry P program, you will be fine on it. Be patient and in 5 months you will get the results

For next year I’m looking to do TR IM Bike plan and 8020 IM Run Plan

Do you have a link for BarryP’s Plan?

I think this is an amalgamated version of the original ST thread.



The Barry P plan is the only running plan I have ever followed that made me a significantly better runner in a matter of months.

That said, I had not before ran six days a week and taken seriously the concept of go really easy most of the time. But Barry P doesn’t purport to be some magical thing, it’s basically a solid structure around those two principals.

I did the TR plan for this tri season after doing Barry P for six months last fall and winter. It worked fine. I personally felt like I slowed down on the run for my later season races, and was losing run fitness. I do think that’s a sign to me that I need more frequency for running to remain sharp, and plan to put back in more of those very easy recovery runs. But those early season races still had cool mornings, and the late season races were consistently in high heat, so tough to compare.

I guess my position on it would be this: if you’re like me and run frequency makes a big difference, it’s just a matter of whether you can recover from the increased frequency of barry P. That’s not a given, and it’s easy to get in a place where you’re not feeling better after an easy 3 miles you’re just burying yourself more. That defeats the point.