Combining training for distance road cycling and sprint triathlon

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I am new to trainer road forum but not new to indoor power training. I am in between coaches right now and hoping to use trainer road plans as a base for my training. Here is my question, I have 2 a races next year, the Trembant Gran Fondo in May (125km, 1000m elevation) and ITU Sprint Triathlon Worlds in August.

I have been training unstructured for 6 weeks due to injury and am starting again this week with 6 days a week, 90 minutes -ish a day of training availability, sometimes split into 2 sessions. Typically, I ride indoor 2-3 times a week, run 2-3 times (1 brick) and swim 1-2 times, resistance-weights once a week. I will be racing cyclocross once per week until end of October and will substitute a workout for that for sure. I come from a Standard Triathlon background and am familiar with higher volume weeks.

Last year on the Fondo I did really well for about 90km until the hills got to be too much for me. I lived in Manitoba for the last 8 years so not much climbing there on my long rides, I realise I definitely need to work on that to feel better a the finish line next year.

My question is : how can I best combine sprint triathlon training plans and road cycling training plans? Would it be best to simply add a long ride to the sprint plan? or should I do the half iron plan? Or just go straight cycling plan and add in running and swimming on the side!?


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Did you get anything on this somewhere else?

Iā€™m wondering the same,