Combining Road Racing and Road Running Racing - which plan?

Hello TR community. Being an enthusiastic podcast listener I got convinced to try the real product. The first experience after a few weeks of SSB is amazing - i really like the simplistic but sufficient design of everything.

My question: Im struggling to chose the right plan for the periodization of my upcoming season, which consists of road races (1-3hours) as well as running competitions (5k-15k)

  • 28 years, 187cm, 68kg
  • 280-300 FTP (recent ramp test revealed 284), 32:55min 10k time
  • usually 10 hours of training per week combining both activities

I am quite unsure of how to cycle through training plans and phases. Lot of people chose the Olympic tri plans for similar endevours, but is it really specific enough to succeed in 1 hour rolling road races?
For the running side I usually only need general endurance runs with a few strides or 200 repeats to hit my peak form. More just makes my achilles injured.

Another approach would be to go the SSB -> General Build Route and do a short specialization block afterwards depending on the type of upcoming competition. Suggestions?
I know that pursuing both sports concurrently may be counterproductive but I am not a professional in any discipline and just want to race and train with my friends and enjoy the regular variety. Swimming is not an option. :wink: