First Tri in 2021 completing with a 70.3


Im 43, 88.5kg averagely fit have done in my past more gym work than cardio work, since the start of the year Ive worked through a 12 week Rowing plan (6days a week), did a bit of Zwifting then have now started with Trainer road. Ive seen my FTP move from 245 or so to 265 on completion of SSBMV and am due to complete the second Mid volume in a couple of weeks.

My goal is in June to undertake a Triathalon (olympic distance) with a view to taking on the 70.3 in October, Ive not done a Tri before.

Ive started to do some swimming in my weeks (2/3 times including lessons) as Im not a very strong swimmer and Im finding there is an increase in my stress and I got my ass handed to me at the weekend on the over unders (Carpathian Peak). May of been just a blip or may of been my body saying chill out and if Im honest my knee is a little sore.

My trajectory was to complete SSBMV2 > Sustain Power Mid then I had 4 weeks then start the Tri Olympic block. That would take me to June although I dont have enough time to complete the half Tri plan before October.

Im now considering dropping to the Sustain Power Low Volume so that I can do some Swimming and running. After that perhaps jump straight into the Half Tri ? I was wondering if I should do some more aerobic base work so perhaps Traditional base with my swimming ?

My aim for the races is to have a ‘good’ race where Im comfortable that Im going into it competitive but you know realistic :wink: Overall fitness and keeping it sustainable are my most important drivers.


I’ve had good results from doing trad base and swimming and running alongside. The first four weeks are pretty monotonous though so consider yourself warned!

For me, the key to the triathlons where I’ve felt good until the end have been ones since my swim ability and comfort in open water have improved. Lots of triathletes train minimally on the swim (and brag about it) but unless you’re a strong swimmer, this just means you come out of the water beaten up.

As for plan choice, you’ll see if you scroll through the half distance plans that they account for lower priority olympic triathlons in the build up to the actual 70.3. If you use plan builder and put all your planned events in, it should work out an appropriate plan for you.


Thanks. Im not a good swimmer hence the lessons. Dont mind the monotonous nature tbh of long rides - been catching up on my Netflix whilst Im riding and audible books.

Stepping back I guess what is a key challenge Im going to face, other than the technical side of swimming, transitioning etc. is that my aerobic fitness is on point and ensuring my body is comfortable to deal with the stresses. Following that through whilst I have some ‘free time’ before I commit to a plan I should work on that.

I agree on the plug for plan builder. Just put in your Olympic as a B race and make the 70.3 your A race. I had a fondo, olympic, and then a 70.3 this year and plan builder gave me an awesome plan for them along with some of the odd C events I added in.

The Tri plans have a bit less intensity than I’ve found with SSB and for me at the same age as you I can NOT handle the amount of SS in the regular plans. I tried doing that a few years ago and was just wiped out. Time on the bike wasn’t that different, but the mix destroyed me.

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