Colonoscopy....lay low for a few days?

I had a moderately sedated colonoscopy yesterday morning…I have Bluebell on the calendar today…Doc said I could resume normal activities today but was wondering if I should do something a little less stressful…Anybody have any experience? I feel OK this morning but I know the drugs can linger in your system for a few days.

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Had one last year (all clear!) and don’t recall adjusting my training at all. If you feel OK, give it a whirl…you can always back off if you don’t feel it.

Or just take an easy day and be conservative. No wrong answer…just see how your body feels. One day won’t make or break you.

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I mean, just lol if you aren’t biking at the same time they “snake out your plumbing”. I think there’s even a Strava achievement for that.

(Fake edit: don’t actually do this, just take a day off)

I skipped the day I was fasting, too weak for anything above endurance, and the day of. The day after was ok.

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I had one last year. I did it early in the morning, had a gigantic burrito, slept, then hit the trainer hard and felt great.

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Assuming you had propofol for a GA, the T 1/2 is short and there are typically low to no lingering effects. If you’ve eaten and are feeling fine just hop back on the saddle.

Agree. If you are feeling up to it there should be no issues. Makes sure you are getting fluids and nutrition in.

Thanks for the responses…I feel pretty good today so I will give it a whirl…good news is I got the all clear and wont need another one for 10 years.


I did 70 miles the day after mine and felt great. I think it was due to the fact that I was completely hydrated from the diet.

I had a couple of EGD’s last year and the couple of days afterwards I felt a little sluggish, but was otherwise able to push through some sweet spot level workouts.

And a few pounds lighter from the prep…

Yeah…I lost 4 lbs on prep day.

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2.5 pound drop this morning before mine. They gave me Fentanyl and Versed, short half lives and I should be ready to roll tomorrow.

that too, but I ate a lot after the procedure :slight_smile:

Just make sure you fuel up. The prep means you are definitely not topped off to do hard efforts, so just eat well before and go for it.

First refueling accomplished. The second worst part of prep is being reminded that you eat a high fiber diet, and having to abstain for 3 days.

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I was only told to watch the fiber two days before. I’m the same way. Funny how you have to eat basically junk the day before, jello, popsicles, broth. It was my first one and I had heard horror stories about drinking a gallon of prep but I only had to drink 64 oz of gatorade mixed with a laxative…32oz at 5pm and 32oz at midnight for my 8am appointment.

This was my second rodeo, and instead of a gallon or lime flavored prep they gave cherry flavored with two doses of 16oz mix and then chased with 32oz water over next hour. Was laughing this morning when I saw your 4:15am post as I was finishing the second dose!

Anyone else remember thinking: “Gee, does this stuff even work”?

Followed about 5 min later by: “Why yes, yes it does”.

Took 3 hours for mine to kick in.