Scheduling conflict: Colonoscopy and the Century Ride

So uhm, I just got back from the doctors office for my colonoscopy consult. When we were looking at scheduling it I had my work calendar out and picked a date I thought would be good. Well, now that I am home I realize that I just scheduled this for a week before my first Century ride. The process of two days of prep followed by surgery and recovery may just be too much stress on me. I think this is definitely going to require me to reschedule, but I thought I would ask here for anyone else who may have gone through something similar. How long were you down? How much were you able to do during prep? How much did it affect your performance?

Where’s the surgery? I never got my surgery scheduled until the results of the Colonoscopy came back a week later. The prep was a day before and I walked home after the Colonoscopy. If I didn’t have a serious condition I would have thought nothing about a ton a week after, go for it !


Is it a colonoscopy, or surgery?

If it is a colonoscopy only, you’ll be fine within 24-48 hours. Maybe a little dehydrated – but if it’s your first century, I suspect the pace will be well managed.

If it were me, I’d just plan to ride.


Either way it’s gonna be a pain in the ass.


Out of curiosity I’ve looked at my calendar:

I had my Colonoscopy on Tues 12/3/19
Wed - 58 Mins on the Turbore Trainer

Thu - 30 Mins Recovery Session
Fri - Full Rest Day
Sat - 35 mile ride with a mate

Sun - 65 mile group ride

The Ton was the week after but I had a serious condition (my colon surgery was a week after that) so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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All in all, you’ll probably be fine…but the fact that it is your first century does add a bit of wrinkle. Not a physical one, but a mental one…no one needs added stress leading up to their first century, especially one that has you questioning your ability to perform.

If you can reschedule the procedure easily and without prolonging it significantly, I’d probably do that. If a reschedule means a long time before you can get the procedure, then leave it as is.

As noted, you’ll probably be fine and colonoscopies really aren’t a big deal. I was abck at it the next day, IIRC.

Just the colonoscopy. I’m 47. Never had one. Figured I was due.

If you are in the UK its not scheduled till your 50 (I think its even 60 in NZ) but 50 would have been at least 7 years too late for me (perhaps 15 years late judging by my occaisional symptons, I had had upset stomachs sin my late 30s) but if youve not got symptoms or family history (I didn’t) you’ll be fine. I’m 47 too btw.

You’ll be alright. Try to schedule it as early as you can within their operating hours. The day before mine I was a mess. On the day I was pretty exhausted too but felt better as I ate and drank liquids. I could’ve even gone on an easy ride if my colo. wasn’t too late in the afternoon. I was hammering as I normally do two days after no problem.

Don’t you have to fast for like 36 hours before hand? This would leave me absolutely shelled. I would give at least 3-4 days of eating before attempting a big ride.

No…I think I fasted for ~18 hours max, and could still have some things like Jell-O, etc.


I dont have the paper work in front of me. But I think it was something like that. Begin clear liquids only on Wednesday. Start taking MEGA LAX on Thursday. Show up and get probed on Friday.

I had my first colonoscopy at the end of October and it only had a 2-3 day impact to training as I want to be conservative. I could have done more in hindsight, but there was no real reason to push it. If yours is about a week before your first century and you’re tapering, it actually fits relatively well.

Depending on your prep you will need to cut out high-fiber food starting about five days prior. Then there is the actual prep where you’re on clear liquids (no red, orange, or purple). To be honest, I actually used my homemade drink mix and tried my best to still get a day’s worth of calories in. If you do that just with clear liquids then you’ll stay plenty hydrated.

If your appointment is first thing in the morning then you’ll need to be up very early (2-4 am) to take the last dose (again depending on the actual prep), so the lack of sleep might impact anything you’d do that day. I did Boarstone (2 hours of Z2) the day after my colonoscopy and was back to my plan the next day.

Best of luck!

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Prepping for my first one now, scheduled for Monday. My list of allowed foods is dwindling day by day, but only day of no food (clear liquids only) isn’t until the day before. Also my first at age 48. Assuming all is well, I would think you would be fine for a century after a week - plenty of time to top up both food any hydration. And I don’t think you will need to miss more than a day’s training, or maybe just a bit lighter for another day.


Nope, IIRC they let me eat up to noon the day before (circa 24h) and after that only take fluids.

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Just had mine last one in Nov. The prep is far more unpleasant the the procedure since it cleans your digestive track out quite thoroughly. The procedure is no big deal and I’ve never had any recollection of them doing it plus there were no aftereffects for me at all after waking up. Just a little spacey for a few hours (even more so then usual). You recover quite quickly from the propofol they use during the procedure. Just remember you’ve not eaten anything for probably at least 24-36 hours so your energy reserves aren’t going to be in the best shape right away.

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I think the biggest impact is that you are going to be up all night during the “prep” so like everyone else I assume it will have minimal impact on you a week later.

I’ve had three so far and usually take a rest day on the day of the procedure and and am then feeling mostly back to normal by the following day.

Advice: Drink a ton of water, by the end of the prep you should be expelling water, if you aren’t you might not be clear enough and will end up getting another one scheduled.

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The good news is that a burger and 2 chocolate shakes from Five Guys tastes really good afterwards (speaking from experience). That should get your fueling quickly back on course.


A week is plenty of time. Go for it.

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Gastroenterologist feeling compelled to chime :wink: You should be fine a week after. you will feel a bit fatigued and crampy and maybe dehydrated (IVF during the procedure will make up for some of those losses from the prep) for 24-48h after.

Also, I’m going to take this opportunity to note that we are seeing rising rates of colorectal cancer before age 50, and that new guidelines recommend screening starting at age 45. So for all you 45-50 year olds, talk to your primary care team about colonoscopy for CRC screening :slight_smile: