Feeling fatigued... don’t know why

Dear fellow TrainerRoadies,

I have a question, and I hope you can help.
I’ve been feeling fatigued for a while now. It started in the week leading up to my recovery week which ended this Sunday. I did less tss than prescribed in my recovery week due to this fatique, but I still didn’t feel recovered by the end of it. I did however power through the ramp test this Tuesday, and my FTP had gone down by 7 :frowning:

Today I did my first race of the season, and I have never experienced so much lactic acid in my legs. They were burning (!).
I don’t know what to do.
Have any of you been in a similar situation, and how did you get through it?

Maybe too tough training, not enough rest? Also consider the other stress factors in your life for this.

If you get a bit sick next week you’ll know why!

Dont know your age, but you may have some underlying health issue. Agree with the other posters about adequate rest, and if this isn’t helpful, get a medical check-up

Obviously rule out anything serious if you think it could be first but in the meantime just take 3-4 days completely off, get some early nights, see how you feel and then ask yourself if you’re feeling better.

My experience is that we are often scared of losing fitness so you keep training, this never ends well.

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How is your nutrition ?

I recently had a similar issue and fortunately, I quickly realized that I simply wasn’t eating enough carbs (almost not at all actually), while training a lot. Do you eat enough ?

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Two things come to mind. The best lactic burn of my life was when I went trail running (very hilly) two days after blood donation. Had a lactic burn even walking up the hill. But obviously you would know if you donated blood.

Tired and feeling a little off, not recovering at a usual rate that was my April last year. Had some virus infection at the start of the month but took more than a month before I felt normal. Also, I overdid it just a few days before I got sick (as is usually the case).

If it is a virus only rest, nutrition and enough sleep will help.

Fortunately I haven’t experienced any sickness. Maybe it’ll come if I keep pushing through…

I’m only 21 and luckily I’m quite healthy

I think I might be one of those people… too scared of loosing fitness, so I think I’ll follow your advice :blush:

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Well actually I did pretty much cut out carbs in my recovery week. Not the best call :joy:

Yes, I’m not a blood donor, so that won’t be the case. Training after a donation doesn’t sound like the best idea though…

Okay, so it’s very similar to my case I think.

In my case, it was on a recovery week too - cutted carbs and exactly the same thing as you - I was so tired, I failed a TR workout for the first time (and it wasn’t even a hard workout).

So my advice is - pasta party !

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Ding ding ding. Cutting carbs during recovery week.

If you need to take some more endurance days too while eating better don’t be afraid to, it’ll serve you better in the long run.


I agree, its a time for your body to finally direct energy sources to recovering. Even if you eat close to the same (or even more) calories for 1 week, its not enough to drastically affect weight.
I seemed to have an endless appetite recovery week. I expected less haha.

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Coming into recovery week knackerd is a good sign - coming out of it felling less than 100% is ok, but coming out of it knackerd is a bad thing.

Reading through recovery week probably wasn’t enough so extend that another week, shift the plan, skip a race if you have too and start up fresher