When to exercise after medical sedation

I have a 45 mile gravel race on Saturday@8am. I will be under light sedation for an endoscopy Friday@1030am.

This will be my 4th time under light sedation and every time I have generally felt fine in about an hour or two. I have raced CX and XC ~40 hours after and felt fine.

The whole wheelchair to my car seems like a bit overkill to me. I guess they have to cover their rear. I also think most of their recommendation are based off worse case (sedentary people) and they really don’t know what to expect from athletes. I often have to explain why my heart rate is in the 40s/50s.

Am I suffering from FOMO? Should I set this one out? Think I can pull that off if I feel fine the next morning?
EDIT Just in case, I am not taking medical advise from anyone. Just asking for your story relating to your own experience.

Don’t consider my experience medical advice. I had an endoscopy a few weeks ago and did a z1 ride later that day and a threshold workout the next day.

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Recently sedated twice. The first time I felt great the morning after and crushed one of my hardest workouts. The second time I didn’t feel great the next day, but I suspect it was the underlying condition acting up and had nothing to do with the sedation. If it were me, and I felt fine, I’d race the next day, but of course that’s based on nothing medical.

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I don’t remember any sedation when I had an endiscopy 2 and a 1/4 years ago (I think they had stuff you could take when needed)… Other than walking 3 or 4 miles home I don’t think I did much but it found an underlying condition :neutral_face:

I read about the procedure online and it mentioned that I would be awake for the procedure and that they would give me something for the gag reflex and maybe to just take the edge off. When I went in, mine was not that way. It was full on propofol, and sleepy time for 30 minutes. I was relieved. I didn’t like the idea of being awake with something going down my throat and I kinda like the feeling of getting knocked out with propofol. Maybe I’m wierd. But regardless, no lingering effects. Felt fine in a few hours. Stuck to indoor biking just in case I was a little slow on the reflexes.

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