Collagen recommendations in Australia?

Can anyone recommend a good brand of collagen supplement to buy in Australia that has the right ingredients (e.g, peptides) and isn’t too expensive? Haven’t had a lot of luck finding the ones recommended in the Podcast in USA. I’ve been buying this one, it’s good, but it’s a bit on the pricey end for only 12 doses per packet.

Thanks in advance.

I’m using SD Pharmaceuticals Sport Collagen in New Zealand and it is available it Australia. It has vitamin C in it as well which helps with the absorption. I’m mixing it with 300ml of Orange juice and have it most mornings before a workout.

I didn’t like the flavour when adding to protein shakes; but with Orange juice it is ok.

It’s average priced - haven’t found anything ‘cheap’…


Nice that it’s got Vitamin C in it … I’ve been taking an additional pill for absorption’s sake which is kinda annoying when they could just include a tiny amount easily. From memory @chad says all you need is 50mg but the smallest pill I found was 500mg :man_shrugging:

I’ve recently bought the same product. It tastes well, costs an arm and leg and I still look the same age.
Really unsure if at the end of the day, it’s just an expensive piss.

This is the one I bought.


IceBear, how you finding the SD Collagen?
Keen to try it especially given Ask a Cycling Coach podcast ep248, but at ~$80 for 526grams ($2 per dose) isn’t a cheap try for me, so wanted to hear if you thought it helped.

I use it every day, it taste’s ok when I mix it with Orange juice. I run six days a week and ride six days a week, doing roughly 700-800 TSS per week. Monday is a run only day; and Tuesday is a ride only (VO2) day - so doing something every day, and two workouts a day on 5 days.

I am building run volume which is why I started the Collagen; based on the podcast. How do you know if it works or not - that is the big question.

I have gone from not running at all in November, to now running 4 hrs per week. No injuries so far and I don’t have sore joints. I have had joint pain before and have struggled to integrate running into my plan before - this time no issues; I would be a little hesitant to give all the credit to Collagen though :slight_smile:


Im trying this stuff out (unflavoured), seems fine to me, price is good, just eat some fruit n veg for Vitamin C :slight_smile: I ride early mornings (4am) and do overnight oats to eat before I jump on the bike. I just mix half a scoop (~12g) into my overnight oats as im about to eat them. Im always on the bike for more than an hour so definitely in the system through the “best” window of an hour. No idea if its helping, but my knees do seem a little happier when I am doing squats than they did before


Wow this looks fantastic - Thanks! I’ll give it a whirl. Let me know how you go.

Is this based on this

Have anyone read other studies thats confirms it. And hard to prove thats it really is needed. More protein in general might give the same effect and be cheaper.

@Chad discussed it in the podcast - you just need 50mg of Vit C in order to absorb the collagen. Can’t remember where he got that reference from sorry. I’d go back and listen to the episode if you haven’t yet.

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Dont have to, its proberbly the link I posted. I read it a few years ago and its seems like to much money for something that hard to prove anyways.

I’ve been using Myprotein Collagen protein powder, Chocolate flavour, exactly the same as taking a whey shake. As far as I remember it was reasonably cheap, but there’s no mention of the types of collagen used, and there’s a fair bit of sweetener in there (which I’m overlooking for now).
Again, can’t 100% say it’s helped my knees, as I’ve been stretching daily and reduced my running speed by about 30% but I’ve gone from no running since injury in December to 3x30min a week without issue

It is not that study, there are multiple linked in the episode notes. Chad went quite deep into some of them in the episode

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When I started using collagen I found my sleep improved a tonne. My back paint (aero position) has gone away. I found Natures Way Joint Collagen is stocked at most pharmacies and only costs AU$15 to 18 a month.

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Ordered me some of this today - thanks again


It seems like the jury is still out on collagen. The Davis study is a very small study - 8 participants. They also didn’t use a control group of some other kind of protein + vitamin C.

I’ve listened to a couple nutritionists comment on this study lately. The conclusion seemed to be that collagen was just another protein source and not even the most complete one. They speculated that taking some other protein plus vitamin C (fruit / OJ, etc) would probably have a similar result.

Health food store collagen is realtively inexpensive and does no harm but I wouldn’t be buying expensive, boutique, $2/dose collagen.


Why not just make your own? Go to your local butcher or meat shop (and/or keep the bones from the meat you buy now) and make bone broth. Add it to something you eat or drink and you have it!

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I’ve been taking the Bulk Nutrients one. Made in Australia so that’s a win for me.


I get Great Lakes Collagen from iHerb. It is also available in certain stores in Aus like

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