Collagen recommendations in Australia?

NoWay protein is a good collagen based protein.

Yup. Much cheaper and probably better for you.

Yeah fair call - and I tried this today actually! It tastes much better too. But since I work out at 5am I find it pretty impractical. I’m not comfortable drinking it without reheating it - which takes 5-10mins - and then you’re trying to skull a hot drink and time it so you have it around 30mins before the workout … it’s possible but impractical. I’ve been trying a few brands and will stick w one that’s high quality, cheaper, and QUICK for timing those early morning workouts.

I use this one from glow proteins glow collagen from Australia. Here is the link → Glow Premium Marine Collagen - Glow Proteins
In my opinion is the best collagen in Australia and on the market. It’s 49.95 for 50 servings, or $90 for 100 servings. It’s the only collagen i have found that is clinically proven and completely tasteless. Marketing is orientated at women because of the beauty benefits but men take it too because of the studies done on Joint and gut. I have a spoon in my coffee

Collagen supplements are nonsense, there is no science to back up the claims. Collagen is a protein that, once ingested, gets broken down into the amino acids.
Just eat enough (plant) proteins.