Stage Racing Insights, Multi-Sport Training Camps, Collagen and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 248

Nutrition and warm up tips for stage racing, the benefits of collagen for endurance athletes, planning multi-sport training camps and more is all covered in Episode 248 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Could you guys talk about us weekend warriors? I can only workout 3 days over the weekends. This season I’ve been doing the Tues/Wed/Sat workouts from the mid volume plans and it’s been working quite well but wondering if I could be doing something better?


The biggest pro for me having a road bike with clipons at triathlons is passing the $5-10k bikes with my squeaky BB30 :smiley: …but now I’ve joined the darkside.


I love it when you mention ST6.
I get that “You don’t know man, you weren’t there” feeling :rofl::joy:
If it’s the climb I’m thinking of I had to walk most of it…

Race Directors need to just get cloth numbers. Makes gluing super straightforward. I’d happily pay $5 more or whatever to cover that.

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The conversation about collagen was especially interesting for me. I’m coming back from hip replacement surgery and am now wondering if a supplement would be beneficial.


I have an older, second hand TT bike which I’ve not raced that much but am about to buy a new S-Works Tarmac and seriously considering selling the TT bike. I don’t race all that much anyway…

@Nate_Pearson just a quick note that you won’t be able to glue the Australian numbers. They’re a thick plastic type material.

Liked the collagen topic - relevant for me, as my knees are hurting, and I am somewhat older (60+).

What I missed is whether you need to get different types of collagen for different effects. Like specific type 2 for cartilage problems in your knee, instead of type 1 that would be useful for muscle and skin. Or is any type good enough to do the job, as it goes down to peptides anyway?


@Nate_Pearson have you tried TNR tape? I tried glueing but ended up having to throw the jersey away because after days of trying the number never came off.

TNR tape is amazing.

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Similarly, I use the 3M double side tape, and it just works, even in wet CX races.

The science research collegen that I take is both I and III.

No, but I I just got some to try. I wonder if it is just 3M double sided tape :slight_smile:

It very well might be :man_shrugging:t2:

I was watching a fad diet program yesterday and I dismissed the idea of collagen as being another expensive waste of time, but I trust chad so it’s got me thinking I might get some collagen protein powder in order to help resolve a very long running knee issue (potentially a nerve issue, would that be helpful?).
Can’t help but think that ingesting collagen just gets broken down into its constituent parts and is essentially similar to any other protein

(Edit: found some with a good discount so going to try it anyway!)


@chad Why did you switch from Puori to Great Lakes - any specific reasons after talking with Pete? And is there any consensus between the group on which might be best when including Sport Research in the discussion? I’m having difficulty differentiating between the products. Thanks!

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just e-mailed Shawn Brett - Director of Nats and asked about the Master Nats circuit portion (Cedar City, UT this summer & next), and possible gravel, and he replied:

Good Morning Rick,

Good to hear from you again! The course should not contain any gravel sections. We are in the process of reworking it slightly because of some future construction plans in the area. I did tweak the course online earlier this week to make the climb harder. We will keep everyone posted if things change drastically.

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Having spent some time talking with Aaron at TNR Tape, I can tell you that I (a) don’t understand much about adhesive manufacturing but (b) know it’s a unique product and a lot of work has gone into its development.

I used it all last year, including at some very muddy cross races (Trek Cup and Fayettecross come to mind) and never had any issues. I also have to say, pinning shoulder numbers is the worst and any kind of adhesive makes that infinitely better!