Coach Chad hates me

There’s literally no other explanation for Shortoff +2.

4.5 min VO2 intervals. Literally the worst. That said, I managed to complete it. It was bad.

Hopefully in another 15 weeks I can say it was worth it. I’m currently rethinking my life choices and getting in nutrition.


Sounds like Coach Chad knows what you’re capable of :wink:


If you think Coach Chad hates you, just wait until you meet Mary Austin.


Or Gardiner :nauseated_face:

Mary Austin is proof that coach chad loves us and wants us to be stronger cyclists

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Yeah, that’s a bad one. I usually hate the over/under style more. The slow ramp back down is non-awesome.

I don’t do the microburst workouts like Gardiner, doing those causes me knee pain. I don’t know why, but the times I’ve tried them has caused me pain. I know they say that there is likely an underlying problem but it’s the only thing that causes discomfort.

@chad loves you. It’s just tough love :smile: Good effort sticking in there and getting through it. It’s a win in the fitness column and another one in the mental toughness column.

Coach Chad has been on the receiving end of many swear words and cuss chains in my living room. Yet I still love the guy. #itscomplicated


My note from a year ago…‘Holy intervals!’

5/30/19 - Yup…still hurts

Welcome to the club. :sunglasses::upside_down_face:

I would say Chad showed us his real love trough „Disaster“. When it’s over, you might find yourself crying on the floor.




4x6 VO2 or nothing.

Edit: I guess Denali +2 but actually rip it instead of doing %110.

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Just had a look at Denali +2 Are you kidding me?!!:hot_face::hot_face:

That looks like a rough one!

I’ve got Shortoff +4 next Tuesday. 3 minutes at 120% is about my limit.

good news they’ll get longer and shorter and you’ll hate one or the other even more. cycling hurts!