Workout with the most combined anguish - mental + physical?

I gotta tell you – I’ve looked at a lot of TR workouts that lay ahead on the calendar with abject dread…VO2 work after a bump up in FTP is chief among them

…but as I was looking at the next 4 weeks of my general build plan, I don’t think I have ever seen anything as daunting – both mentally and physically – as Galena +2

Jesus Christ in heaven and all the saints and martyrs – 3x20 at threshold???:fu:

I don’t know what will turn to pudding faster – my legs or my brain.

Is there a more daunting workout out there (below 2 hours) that combines more mental and physical suffering?

If you’re one of those people that don’t mind long intervals, I commend you. But I begin to come unhinged at anything over 7-8 minutes. It feels like solitary confinement in a coffin with no air.

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Pfft, the first interval of Galena +2 is only 95%. It’s just a warm up!

Anything which involves 3 minutes at 120%. Like Spencer +3

Now THAT scares me.


Ha! I have Galena +2 this Saturday and so not looking forward to it. However, San Joaquin +3 and this morning’s Kaiser +2 was enough to create a new MHR of 189 for me! killer

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Owens scared the living daylights out of me yesterday! Beaten up on the 125% efforts even though I managed 130% ones last week, there were only 6 intervals and a minute more recovery between each.

I’m doing the same build plan and just freaked out! But then I saw for the mid-volume plan you do Galena +1. I’m saved! :pray:

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Loving that prayer emoji

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While physically taxing, 20min ftp intervals never intimidate me since I know my ftp therefore I know I can physically do that power repeatedly in 20 min chunks.

It’s the short power stuff that gets in my head. I just did Junction this morning and it murdered me. Two sets of Racewinners followed by three sets of microbursts

:scream: :skull_and_crossbones:


Spencer +3 is insane. You know what’s worse than 3 min vo2 intervals? 4.5 min vo2 intervals like Shortoff+2.

Galena+2 is Tough but not that bad.
Mary Austin is 3x20 with ramps to 105

You could always try Attempted Murder instead. :wink:


I did Farquhar to validate my new FTP. Or, do 45 mins at .95, then rest 15 and do another 45 at .95. You might be surprised that you can do it :wink:

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I think that’s one of the best things about TR. Not being able to race at the moment except Zwift I’ve been loving the challenge of getting the workouts and wondering how the hell im going to get through them.

I’ve definitely developed a love/hate relationship with that little white dot.

Just the opposite.
I begin to come unhinged at anything under 7-8 minutes. It feels like Chinese water torture.

Short sweet spot intervals are the epitome of Sisyphean.

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VO2 work for sure. You know the pain is coming and there is nothing you can do but accept that pain!

Long sweetspot or even threshold can sometimes be a struggle, but it is not the same type of struggle as proper VO2 pain and suffering.

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Remarkable coincidence. One of the most unpleasant coworkers I ever had to deal with was called Galena.


All joking aside, I’ve realised that if you have no reason or context for doing the workout, other than it being in the plan, then the anguish meter will redline.

Enter your paincave with a purpose and all will be well.

Namasteh. :hugs:


Geez. I did Junction -1 the other day and that was pretty tough. Junction is a lot worse. :smiley:

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I’m sure that both Blood and Blue have been referenced before. Think they’re in the Cross and MTB plans. I’m lost for words just looking at those. Completing either at 100% must require Jedi levels of mental focus.

For me, the hardest session has to be Nevada City Race. That was a real test.

I just looked those two up, duuuuuuddeeee…
Strangely I got excited a bit to try them out haha.

I felt the exact same thing, then I started scrubbing across the profile and those numbers just made my head spin!