Over-Unders. Love 'em. Hate 'em

After doing Over-Unders (Palisade) after a break of over a year, I can safely say that this is one type of workout that I have this love/hate relationship with.

From my experience, this is sort of thing that I tend to get biggest benefits from, but man… do they hurt! It’s not as much of a physical pain, rather than mental, particularly once you get to the 4th and 5th interval!

Curious what others think of these type of workouts.


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I find them tough but doable. Noticeably easier than VO2 Max intervals. That said some of the long over unders e.g. 15 min or more can be challenging.


I hate them, but the feeling i get when i complete them is so good.

Anything that really hurts is really good for your fitness :stuck_out_tongue:


I like them when I’m doing a Time Crunched session. Makes the 30 minutes feel worthwhile.


Same: I Love the pain. But i’m a bit scared of them beforehand.

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I’m really struggling with them in my current block (SSB MV1). I just can’t move my legs in the second half of the workout. I’m mixing things up a little this week and scheduling them differently in the week to see if I can improve, hoping it’s just a lack of muscle endurance early in the season!.

They are hard but should be doeable, even the full 1.5hr versions.

Be sure you’re fueled and rested enough.

It is more of a mental challenge than physical, really.

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I would rather do O/Us instead of endurance intervals at 60-70% FTP.


Fairly sure this is my problem at the moment. Hitting the bike around 8pm (before dinner) after a long day at work and 60min SS the day before wasn’t working…

I just did Mc Adie yesterday, which is four twelve minute blocks of over-under. I’ve been sick, and off the bike for the last week, and this was my return to training. I was really dreading it, and doubting my ability to complete it. I intended to do a minus version of it, but accidentally loaded the full strength version, and didn’t realize that I had messed up until about 20 minutes into the workout, so I just kept going. I was able to complete it without reducing intensity, backpedalling, or anything. It was a big moral victory for me, and I’m glad it worked out the way it did. Embrace the over-under!


Love um. Look forward to them. Do them for fun. They hurt so good.


What are you talking about? The first two are easy. Lol.

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Mental pain?!? What are you guys talking about?! I know exactly when & where all that lactic acid hits — and it’s not in my brain! :laughing:

O/U used to be really bad for me, mostly because I had a very under-developed aerobic system which was sh!t for clearing lactate so I’d be getting a full on flood with every under. Not so bad now after a few months of training. Still need to add more into my plan.

Been through a few phases of them. I see improvements in interval quality every time. The pain pays off, but I’m still afraid!

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Love/hate is right!
Had Carpathian Peak +2 yesterday - 90 minutes of love/hate! Those first few seconds after an over (or the way down on workouts like carpathian) are sooo the hardest part of the entire workout.


Hate doing them, love completing them.
As it should be apparently :slight_smile:

I have Leconte comming up on friday. Its a killer, but I have completed it twice during the last couple of years so I know my enemy😀

I really do feel that the many OUs I have completed on TR have helped me improving my ability to hang on in a break away working on high percentages of my FTP and still have some extra to give when taking a Lead. And if I miss a corner and have to close a gap I am still able to work hard afterwards. And as an extra bonus the OUs gives a mental toughness.

All these good things I have to remember while I am suffering halfway through Leconte on friday🤔

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That’s when I do them also.

You can have a larger ( and slightly later) lunch with plenty of carbs or have toastie with jam just before the workout. Of course, there is always a gel also. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the gel and it wasn’t getting me anywhere (unfortunately a later lunch doesn’t fit with my schedule at work).

I’m going to try them out on Thu after Carter on Wed and see if that allows me some extra recovery :crossed_fingers:

Grab a toastie just before you start then. Plenty of fast burning carbs in that!