Coach Chad appreciation thread

I just want to thank coach Chad for the changes to the sweet spot base II mid volume. I used to dread Tuesday’s 3min VO2max intervals, but this time around I noticed that the progression is actually quite friendly and it slowly builds up towards Spencer +2. In my last pass thru SSBII I think I failed about half of the Tuesday workouts (either skipping them or lowering the intensity after a couple of sets). Whereas this time I feel more confident and I’m making more gains than ever.


Conversely, I’d request to bring back the pain. Other than the physiological adaptations, VO2 max workouts teach people to be mentally tough.


Oh man, I was hoping this was where we could say how cool his baseball caps are, and remark on his Adonis-like profile?



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Couldn’t agree more, especially having done Spencer+2 today - hard but manageable

A recent podcast was very informative, where Chad explained that you had to work up to these 3min intervals - SSB2LV has been much more manageable this year

If you’re looking for a more challenging VO2 experience, feel free to “skip ahead” in your VO2 progression. If you want to bring the pain on early in SSB II, (and you can handle it) just replace all of the VO2 workouts with more challenging VO2 max workouts :+1:

What I personally did was delete the first VO2 max workout on Week 2 and shifted each of the following Week’s VO2 workouts forward one week. Then, on Weeks 6 and 7, I did Spencer +2. This made the VO2 workouts a little more challenging, but still gave me a gradual ramp.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve always felt that training not only makes you faster because your body has made physiological adaptations, but you learn to just deal with discomfort.