Missing 3 workouts prior to SSB Low Volume 2 Ramp Test

Heading off on holidays and will be missing out on the last 3 workouts of SSB LV 1 prior to moving onto SSBLV 2 Ramp Test.

Should I delay the Ramp Test and complete the last 3 workouts or just move straight into the Ramp Test on return.


I would move to the first week of ssb 2. The last week is more recovery anyway. It will take longer then a week to lose a significant amount of fitness.


Hi, this topic is touched on in this tread as well:

My advise:

Thanks for the replies.

Happy New Year from Australia.

I have a related question about missed workouts.

I’m in week 6 of SSB MVI. Next week I start SSB MV II. I can get the first 3 rides in, but then I’m traveling the following weekend and would like to avoid the hassle of packing up my bike, trainer, and the other paraphernalia. This means I would miss the two hard rides of the week (Kaweah and Geiger +2). I feel like this first weekend of SSBII sets the stage for the rest of the plan.

So, should I:

  • repeat week 1 (except for the ramp test, I could substitute with something else). I do have enough time between now and my big event (Assault on Mt. Mitchell).
  • don’t worry about those two workouts and resume the plan in week 2?

Other than losing the training benefit of these two workouts, would missing these workouts interfere with my progression for the remaining weeks?

Mt. Mitchell will be the hardest thing I’ve done on a bike and so I to understand the impact of missing two weekend workouts.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


The impact of missing two workouts over the course of a training year is negligible but increases as you approach your key event. Ideally, two months out you nail all your training; reality is that most of us can’t do that for a variety of reasons.

When are you traveling? Friday night? Saturday? A couple of options:

M - Ramp; T - Pettit; W - Ebbetts; R - Off; F - Kaweah; S/S: Off. Then continue with week 2 when you come back (skipping Geiger +2).

Or if you can’t on Friday, you could:

M - Ramp; T - Pettit; W - Kaweah; R - Geiger +2 or a shorter version of similar (Geiger). F, S, S off.

Bottom line is missing one or two of those workouts isn’t a huge deal in the long run. I’d keep on with the plan as best able around your travel schedule. And just IMO, the key workouts from week 1 of SSB1MV are the Ramp Test and Kaweah.

Your other option of basically repeating week 1 except the ramp test is fine, too, if you have the time. I just wouldn’t get wrapped around the axle about it, and I don’t think I’d “waste” one of my “fluff” weeks in a training plan trying to make sure I capture one or two Base workouts. Save those for illness/injury or other unforeseen setback.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think the idea of moving Kaweah and Geiger +2 into the weekdays is a good one. Those were the ones I was most concerned about missing. I think I’ll modify that week as you suggested.