Choosing workouts, not a plan

Hey everyone,

I‘m curious to know how you plan your training. Donyou choose a plan and stick to it? Or do you you select specific workouts with a specific goal? Chad does a great work. But if you take a look at experienced riders the know exactly how long there Intervalls should be (40/20 for 5 min or 10 min…).

I would like to be able to choose more specific. What’s your approach?

Greetings from Europe.

I trust Chad, he’s not let me down yet.

As you said, experienced riders know exactly what to do…mostly because they have coaches who tell them exactly what to do.

If you choose to use Trainerroad plans then Coach Chad is your coach – do what he says.

That said, there’s no stopping you from assembling your own specific training plan from the almost 2,000 workouts available on TR.