Who Creates Their Own Plans using TR workouts?

I am interested who creates their own plans using the existing workouts? If so what is your logic weekly to what you need to hit and accomplish? I am thinking about doing it as my travel schedule has been crazy with work and dont have any events coming up.

I’ve never tried to create my own plan, I trust @chad. :wink: Seriously, what I have done in the past when faced with situations like yours is just start a plan and do it when possible. If I was traveling for a week, I would try to do some fitness in the hotel gym and depending on how I felt when i returned home, I would pick the next workout, or potentially repeat previous weeks workouts before I left. My A stuff usually isn’t until Sept or Oct but I like to be fit come spring so I always just like to stick to a pre-developed plan for that reason.

I’ve not created my own plan from scratch as such but generally use the low volume plans as a base and adapt around my goals. For example, for the century ride I’m enetering next year I’m using SSB and sustained power build low volume as my three structured workouts and am adding a couple of long time-in-the-saddle rides per week.

Travelling etc. are certainly good reasons to build your own but if you don’t have much coaching experience/fundamental understanding of physiology (you might do, I’ve no idea!) you’re better off starting for the stock training plans as a base and adapting to your schedule IMO. If you’ve got no events planned it might be a good opportunity to focus on your limiters.

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I’ve been grabbing random workouts as and when this last while. Not really building a plan just building weeks more like.

Trying to integrate an 80:20 approach using outdoor rides for the 80 using just heart rate and vo2 workouts for the 20.

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I’ve put together a 9-week plan so far that starts after SSB LV 2 (which starts this week). I’m going to be trying marathon training (still undecided if I’ll do the marathon at the end of May or not, depends on how my body holds up) so I wanted a bike plan that hopefully wouldn’t sap my legs too much - - none of the stock plans were looking like they’d fit so I started piecing together my own. Basically it’s mainly endurance with short sprints to shorter VO2Max Intervals - - even the longer rides planned for Saturday have some short intensity in the middle–a poor-on-time man’s polarized approach I guess heh. Nothing crazy throughout the plan, but hopefully enough to keep the bike fitness up a bit while not taking away from the run training. TBD of course, but that’s part of the fun :grinning:.

I do my own. I’ll plot out a long term plan that I can adjust weekly depending on how I am progressing. I’m new to TR so for now I’m loosely planning 4 weeks at a time while keeping in mind the different training phases I’ll progress through. The nice thing is if I’m not feeling extremely fatigued I can push back a recovery week or move it forward. I start with a TR plan in my calendar and then make my changes. Keeping the important workouts(or find similar workouts) and then adding volume that I can handle. I did this before coming to TR and progressed very well for it being my first year of bike training.