Advice to choose a plan!

Hi, I dont have too much time these days, I can dedicate 1 hour for cycling training during the weekdays, on weekends, I usually ride with my friends (saturday, long ride 100km) and then the sunday I can have a 1:00 to 1:30 for cycling trainer.
Since january, I had to quit two times the plans, because I run out of time (medium plans) and couldnt follow the plans properly, I did not choose the low plan because my problem is not the number of days a week, I can have 45 to 1 hour almost every day. The problem is the long workouts 1:30 to 2 hours.
Since 20 days ago, Im doing the time crunch 45, but Im feeling that Im training without any objective. Is there any other plan available? Will it work for example, if I choose a sustained power build plan (high volume) but changing the workouts for the time reduced versions?
thanks a lot for your opinions.

So you have 1 hour per day Monday-Friday to train in addition to time for an outdoor ride on Saturday?

If so, you have a lot of time on your hands. I would focus on a plan that aligns with your objectives. Do you have a race, a riding style you’re after (attacking, sustained power, etc), or just a general interest in getting stronger?

I would base the plan off that. Have you started with Sweet Spot Base yet? My suggestion would be to follow a low or medium Sweet Spot Base 1 plan and adjust the weekend workouts based on time available. This is what I do as I don’t have time to do 2 hour trainer sessions on the weekends.

Plans are not meant to be rigid, change them as needed.

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thanks!. of course, I finished the sweet spot base (I and II) from last year to january, after that I tried to start build two times, but have to quit because sometimes I just had to skip workouts, and week after week the workouts were impossible to finish properly, so I stick to the time crunch 45 till now. My objective are not races, just getting stronger for the saturday outdoor rides with my colleagues. I know plans are not rigid, but also I dont want to do a nonsense approach!

I would echo the same thing. Do SSBMV and during the week you when a workout calls for workout longer than the 1 hour time frame just pick the variant workout that is an hour long. usually your just doing the -1 version. keep the Sunday workout the same and when it calls for 2 hours again, drop to the - version that keeps you in your time constraints and delete the Saturday workout and go ride with your friends.


thanks Mike, so what happen when I finish the SSBMV? just start it again (both I & II)?
And if I do only Sweet Spot base, that means I never go for trainings in a higher zones? like short burst intervals (anaerobic, VO2Max)?

No I would continue through Build as well. Just apply the same principles you did in the SSB plan. When you get to specialty you may need to do a little more adjusting there to make sure you are getting event specific if you have one in mind. But I would still apply that same principle. Just make sure your TSS continues that nice transition each week.

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