Choosing socially distant "racing" versus training

Hey all, a 1 hour hilly circuit race I was planning to do has turned into a socially distanced event - i.e. no drafting allowed, riders start at ~10" intervals. I was looking forward to doing a hard mass-start race but it’s now basically a 1 hour hilly TT, which is disappointing but understandable. Having second thoughts about making the drive/paying registration fees versus just sticking to the TR plan at home.

My long-term goals are individual hill climbs later this season, ~30-60’ in length, assuming they happen. I’m wondering whether I’m better off sticking to the OU workout in my sustained power build high volume plan, rather than doing the socially distanced circuit race.

Any thoughts?

Do the race. Get out of the house. Test where your legs are at. Say hello at a social distance to a few fellow cyclists.


I agree with what @martinheadon said. And a 1 hour hilly TT is a super good substitute for an over under workout. So it’s not like you’re totally losing the workout.

Im in the same boat too. Its a choice between TT’s ranging between 8-20 miles. Firstly I don’t have a TT bike and second it doesn’t really fit my goal, which is to get upgraded. I’ll continue to train unless sanctioned circuit races magically start happening.

Depends on your location. If you’re in Europe, Asia, ANZ, … basically anywhere but the US, go for it. If you’re in the US with its ballooning covid cases, then stay inside. Americans (and yes, unfortunately, I’m stuck in this mire here) think that things are back to normal when we are so far from it.

Just think if you’re an asymptomatic carrier and you spread it because you wanted to “race” or someone unbeknownst with covid shows up… And think if you get it bad and suffer the long lasting effects of lung damage, heart damage, neurological damage, and possible death. No thanks. I’ll stay inside.

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