Hilly weekend ride: do on top of TR plan or substitute the planned TR ride?

Hi everyone,

Background: I’ve been a casual road cyclist for 25 years but never over 100km/week and never any real consistency. In the last few years I have done some harder sessions like hill repeats but still without the consistency. In May I got a power meter and it’s completely changed the way I ride. I started adding some structure and consistency and last week joined TR. My numbers have been ticking up since May (FTP 199 > 271, VO2 52 > 67). My goal is a PB on a local 20-minute climb so I’ve chosen the “Climbing Road Race” in TR and am currently doing SSBLV1.

Here’s the question: as Covid restrictions ease in Melbourne I want to start doing hilly rides further afield some weekends. What is the best way to make this work with the TR training? Do I add it as an extra ride, just do it instead of the TR one or try to somehow blend it with the scheduled TR ride? I’ve read on other threads about adding weekly TSS with low intensity rides but the hilly rides would probably be quite intense.

Thanks in advance!

Well done for structure. As you are following the Low volume one extra ride should not be too much to add in. You can just move stuff around in the Plan dates.

When you do add in those hilly rides make it initially a short addition and build up to longer and longer. Remember and fuel and drink and watch how you recover from the ride.

The main thing to do is enjoy.

Winter is coming to Scotland and its back to lots of indoor training …boo hoo :slight_smile:

Thanks! That makes a lot of sense :+1:
Stil have another month before we’re allowed outside a 5km radius of our homes so might be doing the local flat loop for a while longer (but it’s great for sweet spot :grin:)