Switching 100 % Indoor

Hello Dears,

I have been riding and racing road for the past 6 years with a busy life style.

My next A - race is 17 week from now, and I want to fully switch to indoor training through TR structured training plan.

Is this a good decision at this stage ?!

Or I should continue to training outdoor ?!


1-My race type is " TT on Rolling Road "
2- I have smart home trainer (Wheel On)
3-I have a Power Meter installed on my bike

Any Thoughts would be appreciated.

Update - 1
The Conclusion after reviewing the comments:

1- I should ride one or two rides per week outdoor.
2-Riding outdoor is very essential to maintain TT race skills.
3- Riding indoor 100% will increase the fitness, but will decrease the sensation of the road (The race will be on the road not the Home Trainer).
4-Outdoor reflecting positively on the Mental toughness more than indoors.
5-Let’s say : 80% Indoor : 20% Outdoor will be a good combination.

Thanks for sharing the stunning experiences.
Happy Ride For All.


Sounds good to me. It will certainly be interesting to compare how you feel it goes.
Best of luck!

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For training I would say it’s an excellent plan. But I would do some outdoor rides just to get a bit of bike feel a gain, especially if it’s a TT bike. It’s not like you’ll forget how to ride a bike outside but after 4 months of indoor training it’s easy to forget how much more a bike is moving while not on the trainer.


I agree with @PhydomiR. Going fully indoor for training has yielded great improvements for me in terms of fitness (and I’m certain it would for you as well), but that comes at the detriment to bike handling skills and feeling comfortable in a pack, cornering, etc. I’d recommend doing at least one group ride or outdoor ride per week to retain those skills and abilities.

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Group skills are irrelevant for TT.

How will you be controlling the trainer? ERG or Resistance mode?


Missed that part of the post. I still think it’s a good idea to get outdoors in the TT position to feel the speed, corners, etc. so it isn’t foreign on race day.

I really do enjoy riding on my trainer (I know I’m weird), but I do strongly believe that riding outdoors is always (even tabata-style workouts, but I’m willing to give those away for arguments sake) more beneficial. How do I come to this believe?

Everybody preaches specificity. On Event (Race-)day you ride outdoors.
I really don’t know enough to go in-depth of the benefits of “to-the-second-execution” on the trainer or “fine-enough-execution” outdoors. Especially when every renowned coach will tell you to bump it up, dial it back, lengthen or shorten the intervals based on feel during training. (feel being defined as your educated opinion which is based on power, hr, cadence, breathing, rpe, …)
Furthermore I heard from every coach who is not connected to an indoor platform to ride outside as much as possible.


When I’ve riden almost exclusively inside for long periods of time (through winters) it certainly gives great fitness, however it takes me maybe a couple of weeks to feel strong and comfortable riding outside again.

The first couple of outside rides are not great :laughing:


I obviously am doing something wrong as I always peak at the end of the season. :sweat_smile: And even if there are more reasons to that, the biggest yet most simple reason is the added volume that comes naturally (to me) with outdoor rides.

Not necessarily….the skills learned in group riding generally include better bike handling, situational awareness, etc……all of which translate to riding anywhere.

Excellent - just don’t completely abandon outdoors for non training. 17 weeks spent hooked to a trainer may make you lose some of your TT position w/ balance skills.

Go do 20 min outside once a week. 0 pressure through the pedals just get a cadence up, get in your skis and remember what its like to be outside. Week before or of the race - I’d spend a longer amount outside for skills - again not a training ride but remember what it feels like in that position for the right amount of time with bumps, road, etc


Sort of an odd thing to do. What is your goal for doing it? Like is it necessary bc of a busy sched? Doing structured workouts indoors makes sense but literally every ride doesn’t seem like it has any advantage.
A potential issue is if your going to ride your TT strict to a power meter and you have some meaningful difference in your ability to produce power indoors or outdoors.

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I guess I view ‘Group Skills’ as pack positioning and holding a wheel. You for sure do not need to ride in a pack to be good at bike handling.

If you have the bike handling skills that you wont lose and don’t need to cycle outdoors for your mental health its definitely the best way to train/ develop power :+1:

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Agreed…those are specific group riding skills. But group rides lead to indirect skills (i.e. improved bike handling, etc) that transfer over to TT bikes, etc.

Also agreed that those indirect skills can be obtained in other ways…they can absolutely be developed independent of group rides.

Physically? Probably


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Personally I only go full indoor in the colder months when it’s too unpleasant to ride outside. Even a $1,000 prize for a race wouldn’t be enough to kill my enjoyment of cycling and get me stuck inside this time of year no matter how much more progress I could make. I supplement with indoor when it’s really really hot or humid or rainy or whatnot, this way I can keep up on structure while also having fun

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ِAlso, the hot weather keep you train inside !!
cycling in 43C is a hard choice !

Totally Agree.

that’s also happening with me !