Leaving Training Schedule too Early?

I must be more fit than ever before. Since Jan. 1 I’ve been on Trainer Road (Base Phase, Mid Vol & Build Phase, Mid Vol & now Specialty Phase, Road, Mid Vol). I’m on week 3 of the Road Race block now, with the recovering week up next. And I need it. I got a cold over 2 weeks ago and have been struggling to finish all the workouts as prescribed but have managed. Here’s my question . . .

After the recovery week, am I ready to go out and attack local segments now?

My goals are not specific. They are just to go after local segments for a month. And I want to get outside a little :frowning:

The plan was another 4+ weeks after next week. Is it sacrilege to abandon the program at this point? Or, just do Tues & Thurs, for example? Or go back to it? Do a lot of you play it by ear like this?

For the record, in a single week on TR I do as many structured workouts as I used to do in a year. Its not to say I wasn’t going hard but nothing like structured intervals. No consistency like I’ve had for 15 weeks.

In my opinion, the TR workouts are extremely helpful in tapping the physiologic systems for strong riding. I plan to transition to some outdoor group rides in May, and I’ll keep going through the plans keeping my overall weekly volume the same, This will mean reduced indoor TR workouts, but I think they’re far too valuable to discontinue.


Hi T_Field. I had also intended to transition outdoor in late May. Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for nice weather and have some new wheels to boot. I also believe TR is valuable but don’t yet have a reference point for it. I have not tested myself outdoor. I wish I has started TR a month earlier. Maybe this year. Anyway, I may or may not totally discontinue depending on results. For me, those results are low-key - local segments.