Replace run with TR session due to injury

Hi Everybody!

I’m very new to Trainerroad. Currently I’m in week 3 of the Sweet Spot Base - Low Volume I plan. I started running in June and added cycling to my activities at the end of July. For the past weeks I have been exercising 6 days out of 7. Doing a run and a ride every other day en having one day off.
Unfortunately I injured my thigh last Monday and I’ll have to lay of the running for some time. I kept following my TR plan and can ride pain free. I’ve gotten the ok to keep on cycling.
So I’m looking for a workout I can replace my runs with. I run anything between 5 and 10k and would like the new workouts to have around the same calorie expenditure.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome!

Are you measuring HR on your runs and rides? If you want a similar caloric burn you’ll need similar avg HR. Or a lower avg HR over a longer ride. If you’re sticking to the Sweet Spot plan and wanting to add an extra 3 rides a week I’d think they should only be endurance rides like Baxter or Bald Knob. Hopefully others will chime in.

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Can you describe the thigh injury a bit more?

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, I do use a HR monitor and I don’t mind riding a bit longer to get the same burn. I know there is a difference between running and cycling.
I will certainly check out the endurance rides. Thanks!

Well, I’m not a native English speaker but I’ll do my best.
It hurts on the inside of my upper right thigh, towards the groin when I run (or walk for that matter). So I suspect it’s an adductor injury.

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Then I would be very cautious taking internet advice, complete rest may be a much better option.

Who gave you “the ok” to continue training?

I notice you mention equal calorie expenditure to a run, I would be more interested in active recovery.

I may sound negative but I’m just well aware that we all tend to train when we shouldn’t.

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Yes, a voice inside my head has been telling me rest would be better. But I also know myself and I’am really afraid if I do nothing for 2 weeks I’m not going to start over.

I consulted two doctors I know, one of which is a team doctor for a high level soccer team. And they both said cycling shouldn’t be a problem. But they haven’t examined me and were just going of the description of the injury I gave them.

And yes ideally I would like to do the same amount of work (trying to lose weight). But i’m open for other things that might be better to. What would be a good active recovery workout? And do I only do that kind of workout and put my plan on hold?

If you got to Workouts > Filters > Intensity you can select recovery here:

Dans, Taku -1, etc. Ignore the Free Rides listed.