Mid Volume Supersized?

I just recently finished SSB 1 and 2 high volume plans. It was very difficult mentally to keep motivated and I will probably stick to mid volume plans going forward. However I did like the fitness gained from the high volume SSB plans. When I finish my current Build plan I’m going to repeat SSB 1 and 2, Build, Specialty in preparation for next season.
Long preamble, here’s my question. What is the best way to increase the volume of a mid volume SSB plan?

Option 1) Complete the plan as written but substitute some +1 or +2 workout variants in each week.

Option2) Complete the exact workouts in the plan as indicated but on one of the two rest days each week do another Sweet Spot workout instead of taking a day off.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions

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Hey there Kevin! Truth is, the high volume plans are REALLY hard and are too much a lot of people. Most people find that the mid volume plans are better suited for them. That said, if you are going to do mid volume plans and add in a workout on the off days, that is basically doing a high volume plan. So, if you want a little more than the mid volume plans, I would recommend just going with the +1 or +2 workout variants.


For what it’s worth, I do a low volume plan and supplement with outside rides on the weekend. On the outside rides, I ride between 2-3 hours try to produce a normalized power number that is in my ‘sweet spot’ (or an IF of .84 - .93) This really, REALLY helps with motivation and amounts to a mid-volume plan in terms of volume, but I’m getting my structure at low volume intensities - which are high.

The outside riding is everything to me. That is my key to staying focused while inside. On weeks – like last week – where I couldn’t get outside over the weekend due to weather, I added a sweet spot workout and an endurance ride on the trainer. The reason I do this instead of adding a +1 or +2 to an existing workout is that I find that my mind starts burning out if I do too many workouts at 90+ minutes. I can do 60-75 minutes all day at any intensity - so I’d rather do an extra workout on a different day than do a 2-hour workout on a day you’re already scheduled to work.

For me, steady progress is all about managing my motivation and understanding what workout varieties will sap that motivation. Pushing through on a day where your motivation is lacking is one thing…but knowing yourself and whether you are burning at an unsustainable mental rate requires a change up, or you’ll find yourself on the couch with your hand in the potato chips before long :wink:

Good luck.


Thanks for the advice!! This will definitely help as I figure out what will work best for me.

I think the +1 or +2 variations might be your best middle ground. However, if you have the time, you might also want to consider adding in endurance paced rides as trailers to the sweet spot rides. The +1 and +2 variants will get you very close to the same TSS, whereas doing Taku or Pettit after your sweet spot rides might find you in a similar time spot to high volume but with less TSS

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Thanks, that’s another strategy I hadn’t considered. TR forum is awesome.

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I ride in the morning before breakfast, so after the scheduled ride I don’t have the time to tack on extra (and I’m hungry!). What I sometimes do is exactly what you’re suggesting (Taku, Petit, Recess) but later in the day. So 60-90 min workout in the AM and an easy 30-60 mins in the PM. Works great for some extra TSS and isn’t too much work to pile on fatigue.

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I’ve heard, and agree, that the high volume plans are a lot for most people. It’s a big jump between mid to high. So what would be really really nice is to make another plan halfway between the two. Say a 450/500 for SSB M+ I and SSB M+ II :slight_smile: