Changing training day length

I’m considering switching to the high volume plan. As I go through the sampe plans, I noticed that the Tuesday workout tends to be longer than the Thursday workout. I know that typically, TR likes to set one day for Anaerobic workouts, one day for V02 workouts, etc as you go through plans. If I switch/flip the workout durations each day, will TR swap the days, or will it still keep the same workout type on each day? How does it decide what workout type goes on each day?

It will keep the same type of workout no matter the duration.

So it doesn’t optimize within the week for the duration available on a given day? I guess not, since the hard/easy/moderate days are automatically set?

You can drag and drop the workouts from one day to another if you’d like. This is one of the final steps when creating a custom plan with Plan Builder.

If you already have a plan in place, this can also be done through your calendar at any time. Just click on the phase you’d like to edit (in this case, I’m showing Base 1) and then drag and drop the workouts to wherever you’d like them. You can also edit the duration caps here as well.

That’s the screen I’m talking about. If you see the above picture, you see “Hard Intervals” listed on both Monday and Wednesday. When the plan gets generated, depending on the block, all of the Monday intervals will be anaerobic and all of the Wednesday ones will be vo2 max. How does TR decide that?

We auto-generate a schedule simply as a suggestion, and most athletes edit this to whatever best fits their own personal availability.

The “stock” schedule, as shown above, breaks up the hard workouts with easy rides and days off.

This particular order of VO2, Easy, Sweet Spot, Threshold, Endurance as shown is simply what we feel is a good starting point for most athletes in this specific plan (mid-volume Climbing Road Race).

Again, it’s best to organize the workouts in a way that reflects your day-to-day life and allows you to be ready for each workout.