Calendar shows two different workouts on given day

I have been using TR for about just long enough to progress into a first build phase using a TR-designed workout. The calendar is showing two workouts on Tuesdays for the next few weeks — a 2 hr VO2 Max workout and a 1 hr endurance/recovery workout. Does this mean I’m supposed to do a total of 3 hrs, either as one continuous workout or a double?

Unless you are following a Triathlon plan, TR does not schedule 2 workouts in a day.

Is there any chance that you have added or edited workouts over time? Maybe changed your mind on start date or plans and such?

I ask because the most likely reason behind this is making changes to plans on the calendar that sometimes “break” and leave behind old workouts.

It may be best for you to email TR support since they may be able to see into the code as to what is and is not part of your plan.

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I’m not following a triathlon plan, and I’ve not changed or added workouts aside from letting the AI do it. This is what I’m seeing for this week and the next two weeks are similar.

I think you need to contact TR support.

It looks like it is possible to make a plan like this in the training plan builder. You can easily fix this by just moving the workouts or recreating the plan.

Yes, you can manually drag and drop workouts within the plan builder process step #6 (as well as afterwards) and get them on the same day. But it is never the default as added by TR.

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I agree. Most likely the endurance workout was unintentionally moved.

The endurance workout is on Wednesday by default, so the fix is easy.

I contacted Customer Support, which told me that the two works were in fact scheduled for the same day by design, and that I can move one by dragging it. I may try both tomorrow time permitting. I’d think that long days would be scheduled for the weekend.

Interesting, which type of plan or even did you add that placed two workouts on the same day?

The same thing has happened to me. I contacted TR Support. I changed a time off event recently and AI FTP update on Sunday. Not sure what happened.

The plan was built using TR, with a moderate volume. Right now it calls for 9.5 hours a week. My key events are a couple of gravel events of varying lengths (3.5-7.5 hrs) with a lot of climbing through the spring. So I’ll try 3 hrs tomorrow.