Change to Ramp Test Result Chart?

I recently did a TR ramp test for the first time in 12 months…

Previously, the workout result plot/chart/image that TR populated my calendar with after completing the tes used to label the FTP horizontal line with my new FTP (I’ve checked a bunch of my old ramp test w/o’s and they all did this).

However, for the ramp test I did yesterday, the horizontal FTP line in the workout result plot is labelled with the old FTP number, not the new number that the test gave rise to.

Does anyone know when this change of behaviour occured?

NB the old behaviour was more useful IMO, because it allowed at a glance to see what the test result was (eg. if browsing through the “My Rides” tab of the Ramp Test workout), without having to refer to your historic TSS plot with its FTP Change diamond symbols.
Or, if this “new” behaviour is retained/intended, it’d be useful to include the FTP result number in the workout’s data somewhere so it can be seen at a glance, rather than us having to refer to the TSS plot or to remember to record it manually in the w/o notes.


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